CUMU headquarters moving to TU

Coalition brings together universities striving for national excellence

TOWSON, Md. (Jan. 17, 2006) – The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) has announced it will move its administrative headquarters to Towson University on Feb. 1.

TU President Robert Caret said he looks forward to the transition.

“As one of the founding members of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Towson has a deep knowledge of the organization,” he said. “The values of the Coalition are embedded in the mission of our institution. Towson welcomes the opportunity to serve CUMU in this capacity.”

CUMU brings together universities that share the mission of striving for national excellence while contributing to the economic development, social health, and cultural vitality of the urban or metropolitan centers served. The coalition began, in part, because some urban and metropolitan presidents became increasingly aware of the things their campuses had in common, and of shared frustrations.

The mission and characteristics of their institutions were not well understood, and any system for ranking or describing universities and colleges was based on the traits of highly traditional, residential colleges serving full-time 18-21 year-old students. Systems such as Carnegie's classification scheme did not include measures for the significant applied research and service activities of urban and metropolitan universities. These presidents found themselves gathering on an ad hoc basis at the national meetings of major higher education associations, and eventually decided to organize their own affiliate group.

Since June 2002, CUMU Administrative Headquarters have been housed at Eastern Michigan University.

Northern Kentucky University President Dr. James C. Votruba, president of CUMU, acknowledged the important role that EMU has played in the organization's mission. "Eastern Michigan University has been instrumental in forwarding the work of the Coalition during its tenure as the Administrative Headquarters," Dr. Votruba said. "Because of EMU's continuing efforts, the transition to Towson University is certain to be successful. The entire membership of the Coalition is excited about Towson's willingness to step forward and assume this vital role."


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