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TU 2010: Mapping the Future outlines former President Robert Caret’s roadmap for the university’s future. Developed with input from campus focus groups, advisory groups and the presidential transition advisory team, the plan identifies five themes that are guiding Towson’s future growth and development:

These themes were used to create the goals and actions that were the foundation of TU 2010 and will carry the institution forward to the next plan. We will continue to evolve and be a sharing partner in our state and region. We will continue to assure that the expertise of our faculty is adaptable to a changing environment and to social, education and work force needs. We are the destination for the transfer of expertise and help drive the growth and development of our region. We will continue to be socially responsible and care about the needs of the residents of the county, city and beyond. We will continue to do all of these things while fulfilling our core mission and core values.

TU 2010 is not the final step in Towson University’s transition, but it is a great stride that will guide us into the future. Take a look at Beyond 2010 as we culminate the 2010 strategic plan and look forward to Towson University’s next phase of development.


Spotlight of President Bob Caret

"We take a broad cross-section of society, help them map their future and give them the tools they need to be confident, upwardly mobile and successful."

-- Robert Caret




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