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Freshman Transition Program—Financial Aid, Billing & Costs

All financial aid is administered by the Community College of Baltimore County. Financial aid includes federal and state grants and scholarships, institutional need-based and merit-based grants and scholarships, private scholarships, student loans, parent PLUS loans and alternative loans.


Applying for Financial Aid

To ensure proper application of financial aid to your bills at Towson University and CCBC, please follow these steps carefully:

1. Submit the FAFSA as soon as possible.

To be considered for grants, loans and scholarships in the Freshman Transition Program, you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using CCBC school code 002063. After you submit the FAFSA you will receive a Student Aid Report with the amount of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

If you are a Maryland resident and have already applied for state aid, notify the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) to redirect your state aid to CCBC. You will also be able to see how your participation in the Freshman Transition Program impacts the amount of your aid. (State aid will be recalculated based on the cost of attendance of CCBC and as a result your award will be reduced.)

If you have applied for or have been awarded a private scholarship, make sure to notify the awarding organization to send all funds to the CCBC Bursar’s Office. If Towson University receives your private scholarship, it will be returned to the awarding organization.

2. Estimate your semester expenses.

As a community college, CCBC is unable to package aid like a university. Therefore, CCBC is unable to mail financial aid award letters to homes. To estimate how much aid you will receive with the program, please refer to your Student Aid Report and your MHEC account. You may use this information to estimate how much your remaining bill will be by using the FTP Expense Worksheet (provided in Forms below). 

3. Apply for a Direct Student Loan if you need additional aid.

Download the Direct Student Loan Request Form and submit to the CCBC Dundalk Financial Aid Office. You must to also complete the online Master Promissory Note and mandatory entrance counseling.

First-year students may borrow up to $5500—$2750 for fall and $2750 for spring. A new loan application is required for each semester that you participate in the program.

4. Have your parent apply for a Direct Parent PLUS Loan if you need additional aid.

Your parent can complete the Department of Education’s PLUS Loan request. Your parent must also complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) online, and a credit check will be conducted after the MPN is submitted. If the PLUS loan is approved, your parent must complete the Direct Parent PLUS Loan Form and return to the CCBC Dundalk Financial Aid Office.

The parent may request a loan amount equal to the cost of attendance. If the PLUS loan is not approved, the student is eligible for an additional unsubsidized loan of $4000—$2000 for fall and $2000 for spring. The student must email a written loan request to Barry Amos or mail the request to CCBC Dundalk.

5. Provide additional documentation, if requested.

If CCBC notifies you that your aid application has been selected for verification by the Department of Education, you must provide additional documents to support the information you provided on the FAFSA. Send all requested documentation by mail to CCBC Dundalk immediately upon notification. Your application for aid cannot be processed until all documents have been reviewed. The documents are available from the CCBC Financial Aid Office.

After you've submitted documentation to CCBC Dundalk, please allow 24 hours processing. To verify that CCBC has received your documents, please check your CCBC SIMON account (instructions will be emailed to you in the beginning of summer).

6. Review your bills.

Towson University will be advised of the amount of your anticipated award amount by mid-July if you have completed the steps above. You will receive two billing statements, one from TU and one from CCBC. They will arrive in one CCBC envelope. Payment instructions, due dates and payment plan information will be included.

If you owe a balance to either institution that is not covered by financial aid, you are responsible for paying the difference by the due date. Failure to make payment arrangements will result in cancellation from the program for non-payment.

Send private scholarships to:
Bursar’s Office
Freshman Transition Program
CCBC Dundalk
7200 Sollers Point Road
Baltimore, MD 21222

Student loan request or verification documents:
Barry Amos
Freshman Transition Program
CCBC Dundalk
7200 Sollers Point Road
Baltimore, MD 21222

General financial aid questions:
Barry Amos

Mike Webster

How Financial Aid is Applied to Your Bill

Your financial aid award will be applied first to your CCBC tuition bill, and the remaining funds can be applied to your Towson bill.

Federal and state aid including student loans will be delivered to Towson University’s Bursar’s office. You will need to sign the check in order for the payment to be applied to your account balance at Towson.

Direct Parent PLUS loans will be mailed to parents in order to pay the Towson University bill. However, parents may elect to have the PLUS loan released to the student to apply toward the Towson University bill.

By law, federal aid will be awarded 30 days after the start of the semester. Direct Student and Parent PLUS Loans are paid in two equal payments: the first 30 days after the start of classes and the second in the middle of the semester.

Estimated Semester Expenses

The following table details estimated expenses for the Freshman Transition Program. Figures are based on the 2014-15 academic year and subject to change.

Expense/Description Amount Paid To
Participation Agreement Fee
Nonrefundable, one-time fee to secure your space in the program.
$300 Towson
Housing Deposit (optional)
Only if on-campus housing is requested. Nonrefundable, but applied to student account for the spring term if the student remains in Towson housing.
$350 Towson
Student Services Fee
This flat fee includes Towson student fees that provide identification cards, access to university recreation facilities, student email accounts, and other student services.
(per semester)

CCBC Tuition
Per credit hour tuition charges vary by residency: $115 for Baltimore County residents; $216 for other Maryland residents; $324 for non-Maryland residents. Minimum tuition charges are based on a 15-credit schedule. Visit the CCBC Web site for current tuition rates.
$1,725-$4,860(approximate per semester) CCBC
Towson Housing (optional)*
Housing rates are approximate and based on double occupancy. Contact TU's Department of Housing and Residence Life for additional housing information.
$3,028 (approximate per semester) Towson
Board/Meal Plan (required only if living on campus)*
Several meal plans are available for resident and non-resident students. Contact TU's Dining Services for meal plan information.
(14 meals/week plus meal points)
Parking (optional)
Freshman students living on campus are not eligible for parking permits. Commuter students may choose to purchase a semester or annual parking permit.
$174 (approximate per semester) Towson

**Based on double-occupancy room and 14-meal-per-week restricted meal plan. Other plans are available.


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