Undergraduate Admissions

Application Fee Waiver

There are several ways to obtain a waiver of the $45 application fee. See below for the full explanation of waivers and required associated documentation.

To find out if your documentation has been received, please check your Status Checker. Fee waiver requests are cancelled if documentation is not received by the application deadline. This is not a denial. You can resubmit your request for a waiver. Fee waivers cannot be used to obtain a refund after an admission decision has been made.

All waivers must be submitted to University Admissions, via mail or fax.

Towson University
University Admissions
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252-0001
Fax: 410-704-3030

College Board/SAT Waiver: Complete a standardized College Board or National Association of College Admission Counselors form certifying your eligibility criteria for an SAT fee waiver. Fax or mail the form to the contact information provided above. This waiver requires documentation of financial need. If no documentation of need is received by the application deadline, your request will be cancelled. You must indicate that you have the waiver when applying to Towson University.

College Bound Waiver: You may request this waiver from the CollegeBound Foundation, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering and funding the dream of a college education for underserved students attending Baltimore City public high schools. You must check the radio button next to the waiver you are requesting when you apply to Towson University. Then, we require documentation sent from the school indicating you are eligible for this waiver.

Request for Waiver from High School Counselor (Financial hardship): If you are enrolled in the federal reduced lunch program, your high school counselor may send a request, on your high school’s official letterhead, for this waiver. You must indicate that you have the waiver when applying to Towson University.

Military Service Waiver: If you are on active duty with current orders or have been honorably discharged from military service, you may request this waiver. A copy of your DD214 is required as verification. Select this waiver when you are applying to Towson University.

Alumni Admissions Nomination Program: This waiver is available if a Towson alumna/us nominates you for a fee waiver to the Office of Alumni Relations. Your sponsor must fill out an Alumni Admissions Nomination Program Form. You must indicate that you are requesting this waiver when you apply to Towson University.

Top 10% Waiver: 
This is given to any verified applicant in the Top 10% program within a Baltimore City or Baltimore County public high school ONLY. Verification of eligibility lists are sent to Towson University from the high school guidance counselors who work with University Admissions coordinators. The applicant must indicate that they are requesting a Top 10% waiver.

Undergraduate Degree Waiver: Towson University alumni who pursue graduate studies at TU may request this waiver by directly contacting the University Admissions office. This waiver is available on the graduate application only.

Open House Waiver (2+2 programs): This waiver is available to 2+2 (community college + TU) program open house attendees. The program directors create the list of attendees and request that University Admissions apply it to the student’s application package. If you attend a 2+2 program open house, no action is required on your part to obtain this waiver.

McNair Scholars: This is a graduate program under the U.S. Department of Education. McNair Scholars may complete an application fee waiver form found on the program’s website. Please indicate that you have received this scholarship when you apply to Towson University. You must submit documentation to the address above.

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