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Your Admissions Counselor: Angela DeVito

Associate Director Angela DeVito

I believed in Towson from the very beginning of my career here.
I fondly refer to Towson as a "sleeping giant.” I have happily watched it grow into a major metropolitan university over the years.

Transfers are a very important part of Towson’s enrollment.
We now receive thousands of applications from prospective transfer students who are attending other colleges all over the country.

The coolest thing I’ve heard someone say about Towson
Students have told me that parts of our campus remind them of walking through a park. They love spotting the resident wildlife, including deer, squirrels and rabbits, and enjoy the chirping birds and beautiful foliage.

My "warm and fuzzy" moment.
I’ve had a lot of them, but I especially appreciate receiving phone calls or cards from students and parents who thank me for the help they needed before, during and after the application process.

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