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Your Admissions Counselor: Jennifer Bethke

Admission Counselor Jennifer Bethke

The best things I did as a student were to get involved in student activities and take advantage of hands-on learning opportunities.
Being involved in student activities opened the door for me to meet many people and plan events, while taking advantage of many hands-on learning opportunities enabled me to develop my professionalism early on. I had the opportunity to think critically, solve problems creatively and look for new solutions to existing problems that led me to be the thinker, planner and hands-on leader I am today.

This is your process!
Start navigating the college process early, just by visiting the websites of different colleges, meeting with your school counselor and having conversations with your parents. Think about how you like to learn – a more intimate classroom environment or a lecture hall, in groups or individually? What kind of campus community are you looking for – one with many student activities, maybe one with accessibility to a nearby city or even a campus that feels like your second home? From there, get out and visit school campuses. You can see a lot from the internet and a virtual tour, but you can’t learn everything.

Did you know that Towson has the only graduate program in Maryland in supply chain management?
That, as well as other advanced degrees in education, health sciences, business and the arts make Towson a great place for undergraduates to continue their education and for new students to come into one of Towson’s graduate programs and experience the excellence in academics we offer.

Knowing that I was a part of helping students take one step further toward their dreams is the whole reason I get up in the morning and come to work.
My end goal is helping students to realize why they should continue their education. After working with students from the fall of their junior year in high school until they enroll as college freshmen, the best feeling is receiving a thank-you note that says, "You made all the difference in this process— I really found the school that’s right for me."

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Graduate student recruitment

Howard County undergraduates


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