Your Admissions Counselor: Jeanne Gyr

Assistant Director Jeanne Gyr

In 2004, I was a transfer student, just like the men and women I work with today.
I was excited, but nervous. I felt I had so much to do in so little time to get acclimated. At the end of a long week in the office, or after a tough day, I remember that the work I am doing is making life easier for a student who is now standing where I once stood. And that’s a very rewarding feeling.

I love outdoor concerts, so TigerFest was the event of the year for me!
Even now as I drive to work every day, I still pass places that were filled with a lot of great memories of when I was a student.

I love hearing students say that Towson is the place where they really blossomed and came out of their shells.
That’s exactly what happened to me! I was a very shy, introverted person when I transferred here. But I discovered a side of myself that I didn’t know existed. I started taking more initiative and let some of my fears go, and I ended up having some great times and making some lifelong friends in the process.

Patience is a virtue.
Take care of your obligations ASAP, ask questions whenever you need to, and remember that our team is working hard to evaluate your transfer credits and set you further on the path toward your first day of classes.

I had a student tell me that she only came to my booth because her mom told her to do so.
By the end of our chat, she was ready to go online and apply. She told me that after talking to me, she was excited to go to college. I think I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day after that!


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