Undergraduate Admissions

Your Admissions Counselor: Kimberly Cromer

Assistant Director Kimberly Cromer

I love being able to help students make their transfer process into Towson a smooth one.
I transferred into Towson University in 2009 and knew once I came to orientation that I had made the right choice. Towson wants students to succeed, and I could feel that. I knew that I wanted to continue to provide that same atmosphere for our students.

The coolest thing I’ve ever heard someone say about Towson is that everything about our campus is great.
They loved the programs we offered, the location and housing.

You may not know that Towson has an alumni admissions nomination program.
This program enables alumni to support, annually, one undergraduate student's application for admission by waiving the application fee.

Here’s some advice about applying.
Make sure you include everything we ask for when you apply. I would also encourage you to do some research in your prospective major, just to have a clear understanding of what that major will entail.

The best thing about Towson is the way we care about our students and community.
We have so many programs and events that we provide for the students to enjoy, and we put students first.


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