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Your Admissions Counselor: Kevin Maccarella

Admission Counselor Kevin Maccarella

A bachelor’s degree, regardless of major, provides you with a liberal arts education that will teach you how to communicate, think critically, and solve problems that arise every day in the work place.
There is no major that specifically prepares you to become an admissions counselor; however, having a diverse, transferrable skill set has helped me achieve many of my goals.

Start the college search process early in your junior year.
Begin some self-reflections about what you want in an institution: size of the school and classroom sizes, location (urban, suburban, rural), distance from home, and the program of study. Once you have answered those questions, do research and make a list of eight to 10 institutions to visit.

Visiting campus will help you decide on a college.
The only way you will know if a school is for you is by visiting campus and picturing yourself there, in the classrooms and in the residence halls. The school you choose will be your “home” for the next four years!

For me, the "warm and fuzzy" thing comes from walking a family from start to finish through the college search and admissions process.
I enjoy building that relationship with students and their families, and guiding them to make the right choice on where to start their collegiate career. In the end, it is all about getting an education.

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Baltimore City Private Schools

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