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Your Admissions Counselor: Lara Liptak

Admission Counselor Lara Liptak

I knew that working here would be fun.
I came to work at Towson because I love the university and what it has to offer students. I knew it would allow me to use my education to reach out and work with prospective students from diverse backgrounds.

When the families leave positive and excited, it is a very fulfilling feeling!
My favorite thing about my job is being able to meet with prospective students and families and encourage them to come to Towson. I never know what questions I will be asked!

There is something at Towson for almost every academic interest. You should attend Towson for various reasons, the top two being our location and majors you can choose from. We have more than 60 majors. And being so close to Baltimore signifies easy access to internships, jobs and entertainment.

What surprised me about Towson.
The student to faculty ratio is only 17 to 1. Towson has a student population of almost 19,000 undergraduates, but the average class size is only 30 students, allowing for an effective learning environment, in which students can work directly with their professors.

My favorite spot on campus is West Village Commons.
The building has lots of windows for sunlight and has various areas to lounge and do work if I need a different atmosphere from the office. Plus, I can go to Einstein Bagels and get a bagel and coffee to spice up my day!

If I could go back to school, I would study public relations or marketing.
Over the years, I have realized how much these areas interest me and dream of the job opportunities of which I could have taken advantage if I had done so.

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