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Meet Jesse Bortell
MAJOR: Biology

Baltimore, Md.

Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps


Lord of the Flies

Rock climbing, camping
kayaking, hiking and
extreme competitions
Jesse Bortell

Why are you studying biology?
“Because of my Marine training, I started studying computers but realized I didn't enjoy it. I quickly learned I had a knack for science, especially biology. From there, I explored my options and immediately knew I wanted to be in health care.”

What are your plans after graduation?
“I thought about becoming a doctor but now I'm sure that a physician assistant is what I want to be. I love interacting with people and using science to heal. Plus, I can apply the skills I learned in the Marines. Now I'm considering Towson’s Physician Assistant graduate program.”

Jesse works in the lab with lab biology professor Roland Roberts.

Jesse meets with staff and other vets at the TU Veterans Center
The Veteran's center knows exactly what a veteran needs to do to get full financial support. It's easier knowing you're not pioneering college alone.

As a veteran, what do you think of Towson's Veterans Center?
“The perks of being a veteran seem to always be improving, but the new center is amazing. With couches, a TV and computers, it's a great hangout - a place where the military mentality can come out. It is weird transitioning from the military to something as laid back as college. But the Veterans Center staff knows exactly what a veteran should do to get full financial support and what papers to fill out. It's easier knowing you're not navigating college alone. My brother was also in the Marines and he just started at Towson, but I can tell he already feels welcome in the Veterans Center.”

What is it like to be a student ambassador?
“They've been a big part of my Towson experience. The ambassadors are a collection of extremely motivated, avid Towson students. I have fun working with them, and running into them on campus giving a tour. Since most of them are involved on campus, they connect me with most of Towson.”

What other activities are you involved in at TU?
“I'm part of the Veterans Club which is awesome for vets. Nothing has made me feel more welcome. We all have a great time, and it's another way to connect with people. I'm not afraid to go swing dancing or ballroom dancing, either. It’s a great way to meet people and a good workout. I also enjoy the presentations of the MB3 Club. They host cookouts and pizza parties, which makes research fun.”

You’re involved in a lot, aren’t you?
“Extracurricular activities should be a priority in college, because they spice life up. You have to get out there and meet people—especially people you otherwise wouldn’t know. It is awesome to interact with people I normally wouldn't be friends with, had I stayed in my bubble.”

What do you do in your free time?
“I mostly like outdoor activities, like rock climbing, camping, kayaking, hiking and extreme competitions. I’m also really involved with my community church.”

How has Towson met your spiritual needs?
“As a Christian I feel I have a responsibility to spread the gospel wherever I am. Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) helped me connect with some awesome Christian brothers and sisters. Together, we evangelized and encouraged one another. InterVarsity Christian fellowship is great as well.”

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Jesse in extreme competition
Jesse competes with other veterans and TU students in the off-campus Warrior-Dash obstacle race.

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