Undergraduate Admissions

Meet Kathryne Chalikis
MAJOR : Speech Pathology

Flemington, N.J.

2010 CAA Champion,
3.6 GPA

BEST EVENTS: 50/100 Freestyle, 100 Butterfly

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS: Special K Chocolatey Delight

ACTIVITIES: Swim Team, Transfer Honor Society, Student Ambassadors

FUTURE PLANS: Grad school, Misericordia University
Kathryne Chilikas

Why did you transfer to Towson?

"I had been a student-athlete at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for three years and a member of the swim team. In 2009 Towson offered me a swimming scholarship and the chance to be part of a winning team. I’d heard a lot of good things about the campus from other swimmers who liked Towson and recommended it. Towson also has a great speech pathology program, so it was a match for me both academically and athletically."

Kathryne with speech-pathology professor Eva Jackson Hester.
Towson offered me a swimming scholarship and the chance to be part of a winning team.

And you’re happy with that decision?
"Absolutely. It was the best choice for me. I completed my final year of NCAA eligibility last spring with a Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) championship team and a 3.7 GPA. I do miss my teammates and the excitement of competition, but I’m still really happy to be at Towson. I like the smaller class sizes and the fact that I can get to know my professors and other students. I’m more confident about asking questions, feel more focused and learn a lot more. Plus, I can pursue other interests now that I’ve completed my eligibility."

What kinds of extracurricular activities do you participate in?
"I’m the president of Towson’s new transfer honor society, Tau Sigma. We’re still getting organized and developing programs, but I see it as a great opportunity to support other transfer students and to promote the university.”

Are you still involved with swimming?
"I was thrilled when Coach Pat Mead offered me a job as team manager. I’ll be spending 20 hours a week assisting him and traveling with the team. I have great respect for Coach Mead and appreciate this chance to be involved again. I really missed my friends and the great team atmosphere."

Kathryne studies on the steps of Cook Library.
Kathryne's best events include the 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and 100 butterfly.

How did you become interested in a career as a speech pathologist?
"After I started college my grandfather began to have speech problems that were attributed to his deteriorating health. During routine surgery to clear his carotid arteries, his left vocal fold was permanently paralyzed. The doctors implanted a chip into it to help it vibrate, and he underwent therapy to learn how to use his ‘new’ voice. I researched the implant and studied the laryngoscope pictures so I could learn about the procedure and its effect on the vocal folds. My grandfather’s condition led me to discover my passion for the subject. Speech pathology opened a whole new world to me. I can’t get enough of it."

Who’s your favorite teacher?
"I was inspired by Dr. Eva Jackson Hester who teaches Neurological and Functional Disorders of Speech. I learned so much in her class. She is passionate about the work she does. I always looked forward to class because she made it so fascinating.”

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about transferring to Towson?
"It’s the best decision you’ll make. At Towson you’re part of a big family. Everybody is so friendly and welcoming. You won’t regret picking Towson — it has so much to offer."

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