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Meet Our Students & Faculty

We’d like to introduce you to some Towson University students and faculty. They'll give you their perspective on college life and offer some advice. Everyone's story is different, but the real message is that Towson is a great place to live and learn.


Travis Payne Bridget Sullivan Kathryne Chalikis
Travis Payne
Elementary Education
Bridget Sullivan
Professor of Art + Design
Kathryne Chalikis
Speech Pathology
Gail Gasparich Sharpened Crayons Caroline Rodriguez
Gail Gasparich
Professor of Biological Sciences
Sharpened Crayons
Mass Communication &
Music Education
Caroline Rodriguez
Law & American Civilization
Jonathan Lazar Kelly Weckessar Nash 

Jonathan Lazar
Professor of Computer and
Information Sciences
Kelly Weckessar
Nash Mauchaza
Matt Markowitz Jesse Bortell
Matt Markowitz
Jesse Bortell

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