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Freshman Transition Program To-Do List

Submit FTP Academic Interest Form - Deadline: June 15
Contact: Caitlin Duda, FTP Advisor - 443-840-1408

An FTP-specific academic interest form will be sent to your TU student email address in May. DO NOT complete and submit the online TU Academic Interest Form.

Complete and submit the FTP Academic Interest Form as soon as possible, no later than June 15.

    • Your responses on the form will be used to develop your first-term schedule of classes.
    • Other factors that will be considered are your placement test scores, SAT/ACT scores, AP/IB credits,  TU Core Curriculum requirements, graduation requirements, academic/major interests, special considerations, and course availability.
    • The FTP Director and FTP Advisor will create schedules in the end of June or the beginning of July.
    • You will receive notification in the beginning of July that your fall schedule is complete via your TU student e-mail account.  Instructions on how to activate your myCCBC account and view your CCBC fall schedule will be included.
    • Please note that all course offerings will be scheduled based on classroom availability and will be offered during late afternoon or evening hours.


The FTP Director and FTP Advisor take great care in creating schedules. Each student’s interests and needs as indicated by the FTP Academic Interest Forms are reviewed individually. The FTP has only a small number of transferable courses and a very limited number of time slots, In order to keep classes small and ensure that all FTP students receive  5 classes, schedule changes are only permitted with proof of college credit already earned. If, however, you feel there are educationally essential changes that need to be made, you can consult with the FTP Director or FTP Advisor.





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