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Complete Placement Testing
- Deadline: Complete when notification received
Contact: Placement Testing Coordinator ● 410-704-2291

Placement testing is mandatory for some students. Based on your academic records, you may be required to complete the CollegeBoard’s ACCUPLACERŽ Reading Comprehension test which will assess your basic skills in reading, the Department of Mathematics math placement exam, or both. If testing is required, the message “Placement Testing” will appear on your online student account To-Do list indicating which test(s).  You will also receive e-mail notification with additional information.

Placement Testing Notification:

Notification of placement testing will be sent only to students who are required to test based on academic information available on the date the notification is e-mailed. You are responsible for submitting documentation for any updated academic scores or transfer credits that can qualify you for exemption from placement testing. The e-mail will include which test(s) must be taken. For reading, instructions about on-campus testing dates or testing at a pre-approved, off-campus location will be available and for mathematics instructions on how to go online to complete the mathematics exam. Once you have tested or an exemption has been finalized, the “Placement Testing” To-Do list indicator on your online student account will no longer be displayed.

The ACCUPLACERŽ Reading Test:

  • Assess the basic skills of reading
  • Will determine if refresher course is needed
  • Is mandatory for all incoming students who do not qualify for any exemption

Exemptions from Reading or Mathematics Placement Testing:

Exemptions are based on academic records that have been submitted to Towson University, including:

  • SAT scores (500 or above exempts for reading)
  • ACT scores (21 or above exempts for reading)
  • University acceptance of 30 or more transfer credits (exempts for reading)
  • Transfer of a college-level mathematics course (exempts for mathematics)
  • College credits earned through AP or IB test scores

Placement test results:

  • Will appear on the computer screen at the end of the Department of Mathematics Placement Exam.
  • Will be included in an ACCUPLACERŽ score report given to the student by the test administrator for reading
Placement testing must be completed prior to your first semester.  Any required refresher courses must be completed within the first two terms of enrollment at TU. More information, including exemption details, is available from the Academic Achievement Center for reading and the Department of Mathematics for mathematics.



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