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FALL 2012 Freshman to-do list

The information below is specifically for freshman students entering Towson University for the fall 2012 term. Information for students entering fall 2013 will be available in mid-April.

Housing Information

Your Housing AssignmentTwo roommates

If you completed the online University Housing Request and submitted the required $350 deposit, your housing assignment will be sent to you in early August. This letter will contain your housing assignment, the name(s) and phone number(s) of your roommate(s), and other information about housing, moving in and housing vaccine requirements. Your housing packet will also contain your campus mailbox number. As a resident student you are assigned a mailbox in the Mail and Distribution Office located in the University Union. Mailboxes for students residing in Towson Run, Millennium Hall, Paca House, Tubman House, Barton House and Douglass House are located in their respective residence halls. Once you receive your housing assignment letter, you’ll want to begin communicating with
your roommate(s) to get things off to a friendly start. You may also want to coordinate what each of you will bring when you move in.

Roommate Relations

Rooming with someone in the residence halls can be one of the best experiences of college life and possibly the most memorable. How you and your roommate approach the task of building a relationship with each other will have a great impact on the quality of your experience. You must be willing to communicate, share your feelings and concerns, and work through conflicts as they arise. For you to get along well with your roommate(s), it is very important that you get to know one another. Share your likes and dislikes, the ups and downs of your lives, and your thoughts and beliefs. The key to any successful relationship is effective communication and respect. You may not necessarily become each other’s best friend, but you should have mutual respect and, as a result, the experience will be rewarding. If you have any questions or concerns, call the Department of Housing and Residence Life, 410-704-2516.

Off-Campus Housing

The Department of Housing and Residence Life offers, at no charge, off-campus housing listings for students seeking a place to live and for property owners with housing available. These listings are posted online at and are available
at the Department of Housing and Residence Life office. Towson University accepts no responsibility for information contained within the Off-Campus Housing website, Off-Campus Housing listings or Off-Campus Housing information posted by the university. The
university does not qualify, inspect or otherwise screen roommates, property owners, landlords or properties. Individual persons are responsible for inspecting properties and meeting potential roommates in order to determine acceptability.

How Does It Work?

Using the off-campus housing list is quick and easy. The postings are organized into two groups: housing available and housing wanted. The listings are available online or by visiting the Department of Housing and Residence Life located at the lower street level of
Newell Hall (across from Prettyman Hall and next to the Newell Den dining area). Listings are also posted at the first floor of the University Union (across from the University Store) on the commuter information bulletin boards. Review the list and write down the names and contact information of the people you want to call.


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