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Receiving Aid

Terms and Conditions

All aid offers assume that students will enroll full-time. If you will enroll part-time, you must submit and Undergraduate of Graduate "Form C -Course Load Change Form."

Your course load will affect your aid in two ways:

  1. If you will attend less than full-time, your cost of attendance budget and your financial need will decrease. Budget and need decreases can trigger over-award reductions.
  2. Each aid program requires a minimum # of units per term.

Undergraduate Student Enrollment Levels

Enrollment Status Required Units per Term*
Less than half-time 1- 5 units
Half-time 6 to 8 units
Three-quarter time 9 to 11 units
Full-time 12 or more units
*Audited classes do not count toward required units.

Graduate Student Enrollment Levels

Enrollment Status Required Units per Term*
Master’s Degrees & Certificates Doctoral Degrees
< Half-time <6 units < 3 units
Half-time 6 to 8 units 3 to 5 units
Full-time 9 or more units 6 or more units

* Audited classes and Graduate Assistantship placeholder courses (CGSR G90 & G91) do not count toward required units.
* All MHEC Doctoral aid programs require at least 6 units.
* TU policy allows graduate students to receive enrollment level adjustments for thesis or dissertation continuum classes, but students can only receive these adjustments for two terms.

TU Minimum Enrollment Requirements by Aid Program

Aid Program Minimum Enrollment
• Federal Direct and PLUS Loans
• Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant*
• Federal Perkins Loan*
• Federal Work-Study*
Maryland State Educational Assistance Grants Full-time
Federal Pell Grant Less than half-time permitted (for EFCs of 3400 or less)
  • For Maryland State Scholarships and Grants not listed above, visit MHEC’s website.
  • Other scholarships may have enrollment requirements established by the donor or the scholarship coordinator.

Less than Half-time Status

While some programs permit less than half-time enrollment, the cost of attendance budgets for less than half-time enrollment are drastically less than other budgets because they exclude room and board expenses and are limited to tuition, fees, books, and transportation. Because these “less than half-time” budgets are much less than standard budgets, we may have to reduce your aid.

In addition, if you drop below half-time status, educational loans enter repayment after a 6-month grace period for Direct Student Loans or a 9-month grace period for Perkins Loans.

Restricted Payments for Repeats of Completed Courses

  • Federal aid rules restrict aid payments when students repeat a course that they already completed.
  • If you complete a course with a grade of "D" or better, and then you repeat that same course again, then you can never receive additional federal aid based on units from that course.

Example: Student took ENGL 100 twice and earned a “D” both times. During his 3rd attempt, he retook ENGL 100 and another 3 unit course. During this 3rd attempt, his eligibility for federal aid was based only on the other 3 unit course, and he was not eligible for any federal aid that required more than 3 units.


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