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 If you have engaged in a process of career self-assessment, exploration, and goal setting, you may now have arrived at a clearly identified career goal, whether that’s a chosen college major or a specific job or career field you want to enter after college. Either way, some reality testing to make sure your goal really is a good fit for you is always a good idea. If you are only just starting to take classes in your college major, talk with professors and other students in that major to find out more about what the other classes involve and what kinds of people seem to enjoy and excel in this major. If you have identified a career field or job you want to enter after college, try some information interviewing or job shadowing with people working in that field to get a sense of what it’s really like on a day-to-day basis. Doing this now can save you some grief later if your impressions of your chosen major and/or field don’t match up to the reality. And if they do match up, you’ve already made some good contacts and gained some more valuable information!




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