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Small Project Awards

Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

Faculty mentors are expected to work closely with the student in planning, developing and implementing the project:

  • Mentors should write a letter supporting the research project or presentation. For research grants and small project awards, this letter should mention specific reasons why this research is worthy of grant support. For travel grants, the letter should clearly state that the student will be the primary presenter of an oral or poster presentation. Additional details such as the relevance of this project to the student’s educational development or degree goals are welcomed.
  • Mentors should have a supervisory role at every stage as the project develops.
  • Mentors should make sure that the students understand the required procedures to receive reimbursement


  • Mentors are responsible for obtaining required approval for proposed research involving human or animal subjects and any biosafety requirements.
  • Mentors must also ensure that students will receive safety training when appropriate.

Proposals requiring approval by the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Participants in Research, Institutional Animal Care and Use and Committee, or the Biosafety Committee will be considered by the Undergraduate Research Committee prior to regulatory approval, but fund availability will depend on those approvals. Copies of the approval must be provided to the Committee.

Mentors will be ultimately responsible for reporting the results of funded projects.

A one page report describing results of the project must be submitted by the student or faculty member at the end of the funding period. This requirement may also be satisfied by submitting an electronic version of the presentation that will be disseminated at the annual Student Research and Scholarship Expo.

The final responsibility for submitting a final report rests with the faculty member. Failure to comply with the reporting requirement may result in temporary suspension of funding for subsequent projects mentored by the faculty member.



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