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Department or Classification (H2)

Page Headers are determined by the Left Links. Top-level headers (H2 tags in the style sheet) are defined by the last bold Left Link OR the name of the department.image description The Page Title (H3 tags in the style sheet) is defined by: 1) Sub-navigation in the Left Links OR 2) For department pages, by the name of the Left Link corresponding to the given page. Remember to also title your pages in the "Page Properties" or HTML. For the department home page, the format should be: "Department - Towson University". For subpages, the format should be, "Page Title - Department Name - Towson University." See the subpage example.

Don't use ampersands (&) in page titles, spell out "and." But use ampersands in links. For more detailed information, follow the directions in the Web Style Guide. Also see the Academic Department template.

Body text goes here and looks like this. Text should be printable up to the divider line to the right. The Left Links and the area to the right of the dotted line will not appear when printed.

SubHeading (H4)

use Bold as next subheader

Pop-ups and New Browser Windows
Avoid pop-ups and new browser windows. Many users now have pop-up blockers, and will not be able to see the content in your pop-up. Opening new windows makes it difficult for users to return to the page they were on.

Tables should look something like this:

Table Header <th>Header Tags</th> Header row Bg color = #E2E2E2
cell padding = 4 cell spacing = 0 border = 1 border color = #E2E2E2
cell cell cell cell


Table Header <th>Header Tags</th> Header row Bg color = #ffcc00
cell padding = 9 cell spacing = 0 table border = 0  
cell cell cell row Bg color = #FFF2C1
(or 255, 242, 193 for RGB)


Table Header <th>Header Tags</th> Header row Bg color = #ffcc00
cell padding = 5 cell spacing = 2 table border = 0  
cell cell cell row Bg color = #FFF2C1
(or 255, 242, 193 for RGB)



cell padding = 6, cell spacing = 3, table border = 0

Colors cell Bg colors = #ffcc00 and #FFF2C1

or normal table:

table header <th>header tags</th> header header
undefined padding undefined spacing undefined borders cell
cell cell cell cell

Name of Department (Use Arial 11 px or pixels, or class="contactinfo" for this section)
Building Name, Room # (map) (How to use the map link)
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 410-704-xxxx
Fax: 410-704-xxxx


Left justified spotlight text or quotes go here.


• Left justified news item 1. These news items can be linked to separate Web pages for more info.

• Left justified news item X. Brief messages do not need to be linked.

• Use the keyboard shortcut ALT-0149 to create a bullet without indentation.

• Delete this announcements box if not needed.


Spotlights, Announcements, or nothing at all can go in this area, but keep the dotted dividing line.

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