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Photographic Services Image Gallery

Photographic Services maintains an Image Gallery that includes photos for use on the Web.

Photo Editing

When preparing an image for a TU Web page, it's important to follow the guidelines and dimensions specified in the TU Web Template. You will need to resize, crop and optimize your images for the Web using an image editor. We recommend Web Resizer. It has a user-friendly interface, shows before and after versions, and supports cropping and scaling. Instructions are provided below.

If you need help, contact OTS Web Development, x42344.

Web-Ready Photos

Web-ready photos in the following categories are available for use on TU Web sites. (These links will open in separate windows.) Follow the instructions below when adding these images to your site.

image description

Instructions and Guidelines

Right-click and save any image from the Web-Ready Photo Gallery that you wish to use to the "images" folder in your web directory. After you add an image to your web page, be sure to:

  1. Set the image alignment to right or left, so that text wraps around the image. (The image on this page is set to right.)
  2. Set the horizontal space (H space) to 10, and vertical space (V space) to 8, so that text doesn't run into the image. This will create spacing or padding around the image.
  3. Add a 1px black border to the image.
  4. Add "alt" tags to describe the images and comply with accessibility guidelines.





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