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The Department of Mathematics has a cadre of superb adjunct faculty renowned for their subject matter knowledge, teaching skill, and dedication to the success and well being of our students. These adjunct faculty are fully committed to scholarship, teaching and providing our students with an outstanding educational experience.

Adjunct faculty with personal web pages will have their websites linked to their names in the table below.

Name E-mail Address Telephone
Mr. Shaun Allan 410-704-3091
Ms. Mehri Arfaei 410-704-3091
Mr. David Buchoff 410-704-3091
Mr. Gerald Cohen 410-704-3091
Mr. Jerome Cohen 410-704-3091
Mr. Julien Colvin 410-704-3091
Dr. Joseph Cutrone 410-704-3091
Mr. Eric Depkin 410-704-3091
Dr. Nancy Doub 410-704-3091
Mr. Ephraim Eisenberger 410-704-3091
Dr. Ali Emdadi 410-704-3091
Mr. Matthew Estelle 410-704-3091
Mr. Glenn Fink 410-704-3091
Mr. Michael Gallagher 410-704-3091
Ms. April George 410-704-3091
Dr. Nino Ghurtskaia 410-704-3091
Ms. Rosaleen Gilmore 410-704-3091
Mr. Stephen Ginaitis 410-704-3091
Ms. Joyce Goodson 410-704-3091
Mr. Jonathan Graf 410-704-3091
Mr. Jeffrey Grell 410-704-3091
Ms. Rachael Gross 410-704-3091
Dr. Russell Hendel 410-704-3091
Ms. Angelica Hodge 410-704-3091
Ms. Stefanie Hunt 410-704-3091
Ms. Teresa Joiner 410-704-3091
Ms. Valentina July 410-704-3091
Dr. Mark Kaplan 410-704-3091
Dr. Ilya Kerzhner 410-704-3091
Dr. Ezatollah Keyvan-Larijani 410-704-3091
Ms. Mary Kay Kirchner 410-704-3091
Ms. Maleeta Kitchen 410-704-3091
Dr. Luis Lima 410-704-3091
Ms. Rachel Malinauskas 410-704-3091
Mr. Clement Manuelpillai 410-704-3091
Mr. Ivan Markowitz 410-704-3091
Mr. Matt Martini 410-704-3091
Mr. Charles McKinney 410-704-3091
Ms. Carol Muller 410-704-3091
Ms. Erica O'Leary 410-704-3091
Ms. Sheila Orshan 410-704-3091
Ms. Cris Packard 410-704-3091
Mr. Eric Partridge 410-704-3091
Ms. Michelle Pasko 410-704-3091
Ms. Victoria Phillips 410-704-3091
Mr. Brian Ray 410-704-3091
Mr. Richard Rosenthal 410-704-3091
Mr. Martin Rosman 410-704-3091
Ms. Bianca Salemi 410-704-3091
Mr. Thomas Sales 410-704-3091
Mr. John SanGiovanni 410-704-3091
Mr. Vadim Shilov 410-704-3091
Ms. Brenda Shlian 410-704-3091
Ms. Karen Shrake 410-704-3091
Mr. Mark Spindler 410-704-3091
Ms. Sandrine Tchatie 410-704-3091
Ms. Joan Tellish 410-704-3091
Mr. Steve Thorpe 410-704-3091
Mr. Gregory Timm 410-704-3091
Ms. Sherry Triman 410-704-3091
Mr. Gary Viener 410-704-3091
Dr. Scott Wittelsberger 410-704-3091
Mr. Guven Yilmaz 410-704-3091
Ms. Alice Zhang 410-704-3091


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