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On Friday, October 31, 2014, Dr. Philip Uri Treisman, Professor of Mathematics and of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and executive director of the Charles A. Dana Center, will present a special colloquium on The Changing Landscape of Undergraduate Mathematics Education.

Uri Treisman is the founder and executive director of the Charles A. Dana Center, an organized research unit of the College of Natural Sciences at UT-Austin. His research and professional interests span mathematics and science education, education policy, social and developmental psychology, and community service and volunteerism. He received an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied both mathematics and education. For his research at the UC-Berkeley on the factors that support high achievement among minority students in mathematics, Dr. Treisman received the 1987 Charles A. Dana Award for Pioneering Achievement in American Higher Education. In 1992, he was named a MacArthur Fellow. The Harvard Foundation of Harvard University named him “2006 Scientist of the Year” for his outstanding contributions to mathematics.

This colloquium will be held in 7800 York Road, Room 205 at 4:00 p.m., with light refreshments served at 3:30 p.m. in Room 320.

Recent Mathematics Colloquium Talks

Date Topic Speaker
Oct 16, 2014 Applications of topological dynamics to the representation theory of transformation groups Dr. Kostya Medynets,
US Naval Academy
May 8, 2014 Dimension of spline spaces on triangular partitions: A homological approach Dr. Nelly Villamizar,
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Apr 23, 2014 The Gibbs phenomenon: The saga Dr. James C. Alexander,
Case Western Reserve University
Mar 12, 2014 College geometry: Effective strategies to develop mathematical knowledge for teaching Dr. Tetyana Berezovski,
Saint Joseph's University
Feb 20, 2014 Carnegie: How Baltimore County Public Schools are using the Carnegie textbook to teach Common Core Math Standards in grades 6-8 and Algebra 1 Ms. Ellen Mangels,
Cockeysville Middle School, BCPS
Dec 13, 2013 Splines and their moduli Dr. Patrick Clarke,
Drexel University
Dec 5, 2013 Effectiveness of online instruction in basic statistics and algebra courses Dr. Min A,
Coppin State University
Nov 7, 2013 The Maryland Common Core curriculum in mathematics and the PARCC: What we know now Dr. Karen E.L. Ross,
Maryland Department of Education
Oct 24, 2013 Combinatorial trigonometry (and a method to DIE for) Dr. Arthur T. Benjamin,
Harvey Mudd College
Oct 9, 2013 An afternoon with Euler Dr. William Dunham,
Muhlenberg College
Sept 26, 2013 Controlling for unmeasured confounding in time to event analysis of longitudinal observational studies Dr. James Troendle,
Sept 19, 2013 A matrix connected with the Riemann Hypothesis Dr. Robert C. Vaughan,
Penn State University
& University of Michigan
May 2, 2013 Modeling mortality of multiple populations with vector error correction models: Applications to Solvency II Dr. Rui Zhou,
University of Manitoba
Apr 25, 2013 Developing critical thinking by infusion approach through probability models, intuitive judgments and decision-making under uncertainty Dr. Einav Aizikovitsh-Udi,
Beit Berl College, Israel
Apr 18, 2013 The congruence condition in Waring's problem Dr. Scott Parsell
West Chester University
Apr 4, 2013 Measuring retirement income adequacy using replacement rates Dr. Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald
 Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia
Mar 28, 2013 Electrons, buckyballs, and orifices: Nature’s way of minimizing energy Dr. Peter Dragnev
Indiana University-Purdue University
Feb 28, 2013 The Experimental Geometry Lab at the University of Maryland Dr. William Goldman
University of Maryland at College Park

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