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Dr. Mostafa Aminzadeh's current research interests are in the fields of predictive inference, linear models and reliability.

Some of Dr. Aminzadeh's publications include:

  • Mostafa Aminzadeh, MCMC-based Bayesian estimation for next fault time of software via NHPP and Generalized Exponential distribution, International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics 53 (No. 5, 2015), 24–32.
  • Mostafa Aminzadeh, A surveillance scheme for reliability growth of repairable systems and software based on NHPP, Advances and Applications in Statistics 39 (No. 2, 2014), 149–160.
  • Mostafa Aminzadeh, Bayesian estimation of the expected time of first arrival past a truncated
    time t — the case of NHPP with power law intensity
    , Computational Statistics 28 (No. 6, 2013), 2465–2477.
  • Mostafa Aminzadeh, Bayesian estimation of renewal function for inverse-gaussian renewal process, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 81 (No. 3, 2011), 331–341.
  • Mostafa Aminzadeh, Xuezhang Hou and S. Ren, Nonparametric bootstrapping for hierarchical data, Journal of Applied Statistics 37 (No. 9, 2010), 1487–1498.
  • Mostafa Aminzadeh, Bayes estimation of K-variable reliability for multiple exponential distributions, Advances and Applications in Statistics 12 (No. 1, 2009), 127–136.
  • Mostafa Aminzadeh, Sequential and non-sequential acceptance sampling plans for autocorrelated processes using ARMA(p,q) models, Journal of Computational Statistics 24 (No. 1, 2009), 95–111.

Dr. Xiaoyin Wang's current research interest is in the fields of statistics and Bayesian analysis.

Some of Dr. Wang's publications include:

  • Xiaoyin Wang, Bayesian Non-informative population estimate for homogeneous Poisson capture-recapture models, Journal of Applied Statistical Science (to appear).
  • Xiaoyin Wang, Bayesian population estimation for small sample capture-recapture data using non-informative priors, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (to appear).
  • Xiaoyin Wang, Chong Z. He, and Dongchu Sun, Bayesian inference on the patient population size given list mismatches, Statistics in Medicine 24, (2005), 249–267.
  • D.Q. Yao, X.Yue, X. Wang and J. Liu, The impact of information sharing on a returns policy with the addition of a direct channel, International Journal of Production Economics (2004).

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