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Mathematics Placement Testing

To ensure that new students admitted for the Fall 2015 term are placed in the appropriate math course, students need to take up to two placement tests before June 1, 2015. The results of these tests will be used to place students in the appropriate level mathematics courses. Students cannot use these tests to get credit or a waiver for any course. The Mathematics Placement Test results will not affect the status of a student’s admission to Towson University.

Do I Have to Take the Test?

Students with mathematics course credit, through AP or transfer coursework, are exempt from taking the mathematics placement test. Transfer students who are exempted should still take the appropriate placement tests to verify their readiness for Towson University math courses. Go to the Frequently Asked Questions web page for many other questions and answers.

What’s on the Tests?

Test one takes 30 minutes to complete and covers the following:
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Some higher level math material

If students score high on the first test, they are eligible to take a second test. Test two also takes 30 minutes to complete and assesses a student’s readiness for the following:

  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus I

Steps for Taking the Test

  1. Prepare by reviewing Algebra I and Algebra II topics.
  2. Check the computer you are using to make sure that you have the supported browser configuration. NOTE: The latest version of Mozilla Firefox avoids problems that are plaguing Internet Explorer.
  3. Make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  4. Go to the Mathematics Placement Test Website.
  5. Log in using your Towson University NetID as your user login and the password you have chosen for you campus e-mail as your password.
  6. Click on the "Find classes open for registration."
  7. Click on the checkbox next to TU Mathematics Placement Exam and click on Register.
  8. Click on Confirm.
  9. Click on “TU Mathematics Placement Exam.”
  10. Complete the practice test.
  11. Take the mathematics placement exam.
  12. Print and review your results. Do not send your results to Towson University. The scores will be retrieved automatically.
  13. Check the Placement Information page that shows how your score determines course placement.

Information Regarding Procedures

  • Students must complete a practice test prior to taking the placement test. The practice test can be taken multiple times, but cannot be taken again once you have taken the actual placement test.
  • You have two chances to take the actual placement test—you must wait at least a day to retake it. It is advised that you take more time to do further studying.
  • Once you start a test you must finish it in the given time period.
  • You may use a four-function calculator (graphing calculators are not permitted).
  • You may not have someone take the test for you and you may not take the test for someone else.
  • If you want to request a testing accommodation due to a disability, you will need to contact Disability Support Services (DSS) at 410-704-2638. You will need to present documentation supporting your request. Information about DSS and documentation guidelines is available on the DSS website. Please allow four weeks for your request to be evaluated.
  • If you have an error on your test page, that is not Java related, try closing the test and immediately opening it back up to refresh.

Academic Integrity

Dishonesty while taking this exam, as well as failure to follow all instructions, may result in students being placed in courses in which they are unlikely to succeed. Additionally, dishonesty is a violation of the Towson University Student Academic Integrity Policy.

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The online Mathematics Placement Test is required for all new students to ensure appropriate mathematics placement. You must complete the required placement testing before June 1, 2015.

Details about taking the Reading Placement Test can be found on the Academic Achievement Center website.



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