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Pure Mathematics Concentration

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The pure mathematics concentration emphasizes abstract mathematics. For those students who intend to pursue graduate study in mathematics, this concentration provides them with a strong background in mathematical theory.  There are many career opportunities for students with a pure mathematics concentration with employers who are looking for people with mathematical analytical skills.

The major in mathematics with the pure mathematics concentration requires 66 units completed with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher.

Required Courses (51 units)

COSC 236 Introduction to Computer Science I (4 units)
MATH 265 Elementary Linear Algebra (4 units)
MATH 267 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (4 units)
MATH 273 Calculus I (4 units)
MATH 274 Calculus II (4 units)
MATH 275 Calculus III (4 units)
MATH 331 Probability (4 units)
MATH 369 Introduction to Abstract Algebra (4 units)
MATH 374 Differential Equations (3 units)
MATH 463 Linear Algebra (3 units)
MATH 467 Algebraic Structures (3 units)
MATH 473 Introductory Real Analysis (4 units)
MATH 475 Complex Analysis (3 units)
MATH 490 Senior Seminar in Mathematics (3 units)

Upper-Division Mathematics Electives (15 units)
At least five courses, including at least two courses from the following:

MATH 315 Applied Combinatorics (3 units)
MATH 332 Mathematical Statistics (3 units)
MATH 353 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries (3 units)
MATH 377 *
MATH 439 *
Mathematical Models (3 units) *

Computational Probability Models (3 units) *
MATH 379 Fourier Analysis with Applications (3 units)

* Note *  One of MATH 377 or MATH 439 , but not both.

And at least two courses from the following:

MATH 451 Graph Theory (3 units)
MATH 457 Differential Geometry (3 units)
MATH 465 Theory of Numbers (3 units)
MATH 477 Topology (3 units)

Note:  The Department of Mathematics recommends that PHYS 241 be taken  to help satisfy the
            General Education Requirement in Category II.A.Scientific Inquiry.

In addition to the required and elective courses listed above that comprise the pure mathematics concentration, other resources that will help the student complete this major are:

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