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New Student Internships and Jobs

Internships are available for MB3 students in several areas. These internships provide one on one research experiences working with scientists in the area on existing research projects. Every MB3 student is expected to participate in at least one of these internship experiences in which they will spent 9-12 hours per week working in a laboratory environment and report on their research experience in the form of a presentation at a scientific meeting. The internships are available on a continuing basis by contacting the Director of the MB3 program, Dr. Larry Wimmers, at 410-704-3491 or

Job Openings:

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Competitive, Paid Summer Research Internships:

Large Multi-Institute Programs

The Department of Energy Scholars Program offers unique opportunities that introduce students or post-graduates to the agency’s mission and operations. Participants in the DOE Scholars Program gain a competitive edge as they apply their education, talent and skills in a variety of scientific research settings within the DOE complex. Appointments are available in a variety of disciplines at participating DOE facilities nationwide.

Visit for more information or to apply - deadline is January 12, 2014!

The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program, sponsored by the Office of Fossil Energy (FE), U.S. Department of Energy, is now accepting applications for a10-week summer internship. MLEF’s mission is to improve opportunities for women and minority students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, but all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. The program allows students to apply their academic achievements to actual research while gaining hands-on experience. Selected MLEF Fellows will receive a bi-weekly stipend, approved travel costs to/from their host site and will attend a Technical Forum to present their project at the end of the internship.

For more information or to complete an application, visit Application period closes January 15, 2014.

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program
There are REU locations throughout the country. Each one has a different scientific focus. At this site you can explore REUs in any discipline. Please note that each REU has its own eligibility and application requirements. REU programs pay not only a stipend, but also housing for the summer and travel expenses to and from the site.

National Institutes of Health
These internships are held at the various NIH institutes throughout the country. The application process is done centrally, so you only have to apply once for all the possible sites. They do not pay for housing so you either need to live within driving distance of an institute (there are institutes in DC, Baltimore and Frederick) or have a connection for housing near one of the of the institutes.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education (ORISE)
ORISE runs summer research internships for a number of government research labs. The application process is done centrally. They do not pay for housing so you either need to live within driving distance of an institute.

Applications for 2014 can be found at

To be considered, please send all application materials, including the application, a current resume, official transcript, and two letters of recommendation, to by January 17, 2014. Please reference CDC-NCEH-2014-0004 LS in all communications.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

ORNL is the largest science and energy laboratory in the Department of Energy system. Scientific programs focus of materials, neutron sciences, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology and national security.. Visit to discover some exciting reasons why ORNL offers a great internship experience!

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
The USDA offers summer research internships at a number of its research sites. The application process is done centrally. They do not pay for housing so you either need to live within driving distance of an institute.

The DAAD offers summer research internships for Americans and Canadians at a number of research sites in Germany. The application process is done centrally. Housing and travel is provided.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
The DHS offers summer research internships at a number of its research sites. The application process is done centrally. They do not pay for housing so you either need to live within driving distance of an institute.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

SMART (Science, Mathematics, & Research for Transformation)

SMART scholars recieve full tuition and educational fees, generous cash stipend, employment with DoD facilities after graduation, and summer interships with health insurance and book allowance. More information can be found at

Single-Institution Programs

Below are the links for a number of programs that are run at individual institutions. Each has its own application procedures and program specifics.


Job Searches Online

CareerQuest at University of Maryland University College:
Create an account at UMUC's CareerQuest where new and exciting jobs are listed daily!
For more information, contact UMUC's Career Center at (301) 985-6785, or by email at

Current Job Openings at MedImmune:
Search MedImmune's job listing online! MedImmune has mulitple locations including Pennsylvania, California, Kentucky, and England, as well as Maryland.
For more information, research their website, call (301) 398-0000, or email at

MdBio Job Search:
Register for an account at MdBio Jobs where you can search job listings and post your resume! For more information contact MdBio at (301) 228-2445, or by email at

BioMaryland Directory

The BioMaryland Directory is a comprehensive database of Maryland's life sciences companies. Each listing includes the company's description, industry sector, products, and relevant indications.


Potential Employment in Maryland


Maryland BioCompanies City Telephone

20/20 Gene Systems, Inc.

Rockville 240-453-6339
A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc. Columbia 410-884-4100
Accelovance Rockville 240-238-4900
Acell, Inc. Columbia 800-826-2926
Adlyfe, Inc. Rockville 301-424-8344
Advanced BioNutrition Corp Columbia 410-730-8600
Advanced Bioscience Laboratories, Inc. Kensington 301-881-5600
Advanced Biotechnologies, Inc. Columbia 410-792-9779
Advanced Product Enterprises Frederick 301-644-3913
Advancis Pharmaceutical Corporation Germantown 301-944-6600
Akonni Biosystems, Inc. Frederick 301-698-0101
Alpha Biosciences, Inc. Baltimore 410-467-9983
AlphaGenics, Inc Rockville 301-840-9733
Amarex, LLC Germantown 301-528-7000
AMBU Inc. Glen Burnie 800-262-8462
America Pharma Source Gaithersburg 240-720-4028
American Red Cross Holland Laboratory Rockville 301-738-0600
AmeriChrom Global Technologies Beltsville 800-421-5242
AMULET Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Rockville 910-392-9800
Antex Biologics Gaithersburg 301-590-0129
Aptus Medical, Inc. Rockville 240-453-6311
Ariadne Genomics Rockville 240-453-6296
AriaVax, Inc. Gaithersburg 240-632-2789
Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. Baltimore. 410-455-6319
Atlantic Biomass Conversions Frederick 301-644-1396
Aurora Analytics, LLC Baltimore 443-543-5799
AuRx, Inc. Elkridge 410-796-7559
Avanti Therapeutics Baltimore 301-540-5474
BBI Biotech Research Laboratories, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-208-8100
BD Biosciences Bioimaging Systems Rockville 301-340-7320
Bell-More Labs, Inc. Hampstead 410-239-7554
BioAccess Inc. Baltimore 410-675-8586
BioAssay Works, LLC Ijamsville 301-874-8888
BioAssessments, LLC Elkton 410-398-1993
BIOCON, Inc. Rockville 301-762-3202
BioElectronics Corp. Frederick 301-874-4890
BioFactura, Inc. Rockville 301-315-8002
BioFortis, Inc. Columbia 443-276-2464
BioFX Laboratories, Inc. Owings Mills 410-902-0281
Biological Mimetics, Inc. Frederick 301-620-7565
BioMat Sciences, Inc. Rockville 866-424-6628
Biomedical Research Institute Rockville 301-881-3300
BioniCare Medical Technologies Sparks 800-444-1456
BIOQUAL, Inc. Rockville 301-251-2801
BioReliance/Invitrogen Bioservices Rockville 301-738-1000
BioSciCon, Inc Rockville 301-610-9130
Bioscience International Rockville 301-231-7400
BioServe Biotechnologies, Ltd. Beltsville 301-470-3362
BioSET Inc Rockville 301-795-6010
BioStat Solutions Mt. Airy 301-829-4001
Biosynexus, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-330-5800
BME Systems, Inc. Baltimore 410-563-4200
Brandel Gaithersburg 301-948-6506
Brassica Protection Products LLC Baltimore 410-732-1200
BRT Laboratories, Inc. Baltimore 410-225-9595
Cabtech, Inc. Potomac 301-299-6380
Calibrant Biosystems Gaithersburg 301-977-7900
Capital Technology Information Services (CTIS) Rockville 301-948-3033
Capricorn Pharma, Inc. Frederick 301-696-8520
CardioCore Bethesda 301-214-7600
Cato Research, Ltd. Rockville 301-309-8242
Celadon Laboratories, Inc. Hyattsville 301-683-2116
Cell Technology, Inc. Catonsville 410-869-4823
Cell Trends, Inc. Middletown 301-371-5354
Cellectricon Rockville 301-926-9264
Cellogenetics, Inc. Ijamsville 240-396-1040
Certis USA, LLC Columbia 800-847-5620
ChemGen Corp. Gaithersburg 301-330-4101
ChemPacific Corporation Baltimore 410-633-5771
Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Inc. Baltimore 410-843-5000
Chesapeake PERL Savage 301-317-9300 x101
Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Rockville 301-424-2661
Claragen, Inc. College Park 301-405-8593
Classen Immunotherapies, Inc Baltimore 410-377-8526
Clinical Research Management Frederick 301-620-1987
Clinomics Biosciences, Inc. Frederick 301-662-1478
Cognate Bioservices, Inc. Baltimore 410-455-5697
Correlogic Systems, Inc. Germantown 301-795-1700
Covance Health Economics & Outcomes Services, Inc. Gaithersburg 888-268-2623
Creatv MicroTech Potomac 301-983-1650
Crymed Baltimore 443-921-8053
CTL Bioservices Rockville 800-653-0530
Cutting Edge Scientific Group Columbia 301-596-1840
Cybrdi, Inc. Rockville 301-838-8966
Cylex, Inc. Columbia 410-964-0236
CYNCA Laboratories Inc. Gaithersburg 240-277-2341
CytImmune Sciences, Inc. Rockville 301-825-3041
Cytonix Corp. Beltsville 301-470-6267
Data Unlimited International, Inc. Rockville 240-631-7933
DataNaut, Inc. Washington, D.C. 202-333-0505
Dexall Biomedical Labs, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-840-1884
DNA Technologies, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-956-1064
Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc Rockville 301-987-2667
DP Clinical Rockville 301-294-6226
DVC, LLC Frederick 301-607-5000
Edge BioSystems, Inc. Gaithersburg 800-326-2685 Montgomery Village 240-683-5851
Emergent Biosolutions Rockville 301-795-1800
EMINENT Services Corporation Frederick 240-629-1972
EntreMed, Inc. Rockville 240-864-2600
Excimus Biotech, Inc. Savage 301-483-8363
ExonHit Therapeutics, Inc. Gaithersburg 240-683-7070
Express Biotech International Thurmont 301-228-2444
Express Genomics Frederick 301-695-3445
Expression Pathology, Inc. Rockville 301-977-3654
FASgen, Inc. Baltimore 410-558-9200
FiberCell Systems Frederick 301-471-1269
Fisher BioServices Rockville 301-315-8460
Fluorometrix Baltimore 978-461-2468
Fortune Biologicals, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-330-8547
Functional Genetics, Inc. Gaithersburg 240-631-6790
Gene Logic, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-987-1700
GeneChoice, Inc. Frederick 301-631-0022
GeneCopoeia Rockville 301-762-0888
GeneDx Gaithersburg 301-519-2100
GenePrime, Inc. Rockville 301-762-3910
Genox Corporation Baltimore 410-347-7616
GenVec, Inc. Gaithersburg 240-632-0740
GEOMET Technologies, LLC Germantown 301-428-9898
GlycoMimetics, Inc. Gaithersburg 240-243-1201
GlycoTech Corp. Gaithersburg 301-738-1080
Hemagen Diagnostics, Inc. Columbia 443-367-5500
Human BioSciences Gaithersburg 888-565-5243
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. Rockville 301-309-8504
Igene Biotechnology Inc. Columbia 410-997-2599
ILSbio, LLC Chestertown 410-810-7506
ImmunoQuest Laboratories, Inc. Towson 410-823-2394
In Vitro Technologies Baltimore. 410-455-1242
Innovative Biosensors, Inc. Rockville 301-738-0604
Institute for In Vitro Sciences Gaithersburg 301-947-6523
Intellivax, Inc. Baltimore. 410-455-5610
Intralytix, Inc. Baltimore 877-489-7424
Intronn, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-208-0230
IRAZU BioDiscovery, LLC Baltimore 410-975-4050
J. Craig Venter Institute Rockville 301-795-7000
Juxtopia Baltimore 443-451-7263
K-D Medical, Inc Columbia 410-290-9690
KAI Research Rockville 301-770-2730
KamTek, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-208-2505
KPL, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-948-7755
Lentigen Gaithersburg 301-527-4200
LKC Technologies, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-840-1992
Loats Associates, Inc. Westminster 410-876-8055
Lofstrand Labs Limited Gaithersburg 301-330-0111
Lonza Walkersville 800-654-4452
Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Baltimore 866-587-4617
Macrogen Rockville 301-251-1007
MacroGenics, Inc. Rockville 301-251-5172
Martek Biosciences Corporation Columbia 410-740-0081
MaxCyte, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-944-1700
Medifacts International Rockville 301-795-2500
MedImmune, Inc Gaithersburg 301-398-0000
Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC Gaithersburg 240-631-2522
MetaMorphix, Inc. Beltsville 301-617-9080
Minkon Biotechnology Gaithersburg 240-683-5851
Mirari Biosciences, Inc. Rockville 240-447-6456
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Rockville 301-770-3099
Neogenix Oncology, Inc. Rockville 240-314-0596
NeuralStem Rockville 301-366-4960
Novavax, Inc. Rockville 240-268-2000
OriGene Technologies, Inc. Rockville 301-340-3188
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. Columbia 443-545-1800
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. Rockville 301-424-9055
Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc Gaithersburg 240-243-8000
Paragon Bioservices, Inc. Baltimore 410-975-4050
PAREXEL International Corp. Baltimore 410-350-7979
Pharmaceutics International, Inc. Hunt Valley 410-584-0001x1239
PharmAthene, Inc Annapolis 410-269-2600
PolyLC Inc. Columbia 410-992-5400
PPD Development Rockville 301-795-2600
Primavera Biosciences, Inc. Columbia 410-884-3433
ProBiotix, Inc. Adelphi 410-531-8100
ProCell Rockville 202-243-6247
Profectus Biosciences, Inc. Baltimore 443-743-1100
ProSpect Pharma, Inc. Columbia 410-740-7395
Protein Potential Rockville 301-576-3060
ProteinOne Rockville 301-738-0782
Qiagen Germantown 800-362-7737
Quality Biological, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-840-9331
Quintiles Transnational, Inc Rockville 301-530-9222
Ravgen Columbia 410-715-2111
ReceptorBase, Inc. Baltimore 410-752-9310
RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Rockville 301-208-9191
ReProtect, LLC Baltimore 410-337-8377
Revico, Inc. Rockville 301-591-1645
Rexahn Corp. Rockville 240-268-5300
Roveko, Ltd. Gaithersburg 301-417-7263
Royer Biomedical, Inc. Frederick 301-696-2177
Ruxton Pharmaceuticals Lutherville 410-616-7300
SAIC-Frederick, Inc. Frederick 301-846-1000
Sanaria, Inc Rockville 301-770-3222
Sensors for Medicine and Science, Inc. Germantown 301-515-7260
Sequella, Inc. Rockville 301-762-7776
Shimadzu North America Columbia 410-381-1227
SHS North America Gaithersburg 301-795-2300
Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Gaithersburg 301-948-1041
SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center, Inc. Baltimore 410-706-8877
Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. Silver Spring 301-628-3000
Southern Research Institute Frederick 301-694-3232
Spherix Bethesda 301-897-2540
Spring Valley Laboratories, Inc. Woodline 410-795-2222
SRA International, Inc. Rockville 240-514-2600
SriSai Biopharmaceutical Solutions, LLC Frederick 301-846-0188
Sterilex Corporation Hunt Valley 800-511-1659
Strasburger & Siegel, Inc. Hanover 410-712-7373
Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc Bethesda 301-961-3400
SuperArray Bioscience Corp. Frederick 301-682-9200
Syngene Frederick 301-662-2863
Systems Assessment & Research, Inc. Lanham 301-731-4300
Technical Resources International, Inc. Bethesda 301-564-6400
Tengen Biomedical Rockville 240-453-6345
Tetracore, LLC Rockville 240-268-5400
The EMMES Corporation Rockville 301-251-1161
Theradigm, Inc Baltimore 410-455-5697
Therataxis Baltimore 443-451-7154
Tishcon Corp. Salisbury 410-860-0046
TissueGene, Inc. Rockville 301-921-6000
Transgene Kensington 301-816-5404
TransMedix Corporation Rockville 240-453-6347
Trevigen, Inc. Gaithersburg 800-873-8443
TrimGen Corporation Sparks 410-472-1100
Trophogen, Inc. Rockville 301-838-1935
United Biosource Chevy Chase 866-458-1096
United Therapeutics Corp Silver Spring 301-608-9292
UPM Pharmaceuticals Baltimore 410-843-3700
US Biomax Rockville 240-297-4708
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Rockville 240-599-4500
Verachem LLC Germantown 240-686-0565
Virion Systems, Inc. Rockville 301-309-1844
VIRxSYS Corporation Gaithersburg 301-987-0480
Washington Biotechnology, Inc. Baltimore 410-633-9210
Wellstat Therapeutics Corporation Gaithersburg 240-631-2500
Westat, Inc. Rockville 301-251-1500
Xceleron, Inc. Germantown 240-361-1900
Z-BIOMED, Inc. Rockville 3012588968
Zylacta Corp. Boyds 240-751-0674


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