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A Newsletter from the Department of Mass
Communication and Communication Studies

Segue is a publication of Towson University's Mass Communication and Communication Studies Department edited by Garry Bolan and Dr. Alexandra M. Vilela. With the exception of the Chair's Message, the articles were written by students in Garry Bolan's Spring 2011 Principles of Public Relations and Integrated Communication class.

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From a Dual-Track in Ad/PR to Grad School

by Alyssa Luberto

Since she was little, Melissa Novak enjoyed watching commercials, movie trailers and promotions. "I actually used to analyze commercials when I was younger, weird, and keep a folder of all the magazine ads I liked, also weird," she laughs. Melissa was always well spoken and her mom encouraged her to try communications. Upon further research, she realized it was exactly what she had been looking for. Melissa has always been in love with the media. She graduated from Towson University in May of 2010 and got her Bachelor's Degree in mass communication with a certificate in marketing.

The most rewarding classes that Melissa took at Towson were Advertising Campaigns and Public Relations Campaigns. She explains: "Anyone can write a press release or plan an event. To be able to think efficiently and strategically and be able to create achievable outcomes are the most important parts of public relations and advertising."

Melissa is currently a master's student at Rowan University in New Jersey working toward a M.A. in public relations. Melissa was accepted into five great schools: Rutgers, Seton Hall, Towson, Georgetown and Rowan. She chose Rowan because it was closest to home so she could save on tuition and because it was nationally recognized by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Melissa felt that all the classes she took at Towson were extremely helpful. Out of all her classmates at Rowan, she feels the most well rounded. "My program requires me to do a comprehensive master's exam, an oral exam and a six hour writing exam. I aced all three sections and felt confident with all the material before even beginning to review because of what my Towson education provided me."

In five years, Melissa hopes to be working in corporate. Through grad school, she has become interested in crisis communications after taking an elective in it. She explains, "It's an interesting and stressful topic area. I like the idea of being honest with the public and doing well for an organization. Also, it pays well, which is always a plus," she adds with a smile.



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