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Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies

Mass Communication Major

Advertising Track

To begin this track, students should enroll in MCOM 214 Principles of Advertising.

Required Courses for all three tracks in the major (9 units)
MCOM 101 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
MCOM 390 Mass Communication Research 3
MCOM 350 or MCOM 433 Media Law or
Media Ethics
Advertising Track
Required Basic Courses (9 units)  
MCOM 214

Principles of Advertising

MCOM 323

Advertising Media Planning

MCOM 447

Advertising Campaigns

Required Professional Skills Writing Courses (6 units)  
MCOM 325 Advertising Copywriting

MCOM 256 or
MCOM 357

Writing for the Media or
Public Relations Writing
MCOM 357 Public Relations Writing meets the University Core requirement (Core 9)

Track Electives (6 units)  
Choose two of the following or any courses not already chosen in the required courses. If a student takes more than 6 units of track electives, the additional units are counted toward MCOM major electives. 6
MCOM 253 Principles of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Communication (3)  
MCOM 440 Advertising Media Sales (3)  
MCOM 443 International Advertising and Public Relations (3)  
MCOM 451 Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations (3)  
MCOM 453 Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Communication Campaigns (3)  
MCOM 459 Professional Issues in Public Relations, Advertising, and Integrated Communication (3)  
COMM 419 Organizational Communication (3)  
Electives for All Three Tracks in the Major (6 units)
Choose a minimum of two courses from the list below or any courses not already chosen in the student's own track. Any additional units beyond six will be counted toward 120 units required for graduation. If non-MCOM courses are chosen from this list, only one course may count toward MCOM major. Students need to fulfill course prerequisites in advance of taking these courses. 6
MCOM 333

Social Media and Strategic Communication (3)

MCOM 352

Media Criticism (3)

MCOM 359

Magazine Publishing (3)

MCOM 381

Broadcast Journalism I (3)

MCOM 385

Mass Media and Society (3)

MCOM 388

Cyberspace and Communication (3)

MCOM 391

Photojournalism I (3)

MCOM 402

Sports Writing (3)

MCOM 409

Literary Journalism (3)

MCOM 411

Communication Process (3)

MCOM 415

Mass Media Graphics (3)

MCOM 431

Public Opinion and the Press (3)

MCOM 457

Photojournalism II (3)

MCOM 460

Internship in Advertising and Public Relations (1–3)*

MCOM 461

Internship in Journalism and New Media (1–3)*

MCOM 477

Special Topics in Journalism (3)

MCOM 478

Special Topics in Advertising and Public Relations (3)

MCOM 479

Special Topics in Mass Communication (3)

MCOM 481

Broadcast Journalism II (3)

MCOM 496

Independent Study in Mass Communication (1–3)*

Non-MCOM courses  
COMM 304

Persuasion (3)

COMM 315

Business and Professional Communication (3)

COMM 377

Intercultural Communication (3)

EMF 221

Principles of Film and Media Production (3)

IDFA 480

Topics in Arts, Media, Communication and Social Action (3)

Total Units 36

*Internships and independent studies must be approved by the department before registration. See the department website for the approval process. No more than 6 units of independent studies and/or internships can be applied to the Mass Communication major.


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