About us ...

The MSA is a cultural/religious student organization at Towson University.

The MSA devotes its time to educate the Towson Community about the existence of Muslims on campus and in the world.

It is important for us to define where Islam is going, by answering it with where we are going.

The goal of the MSA and its events are to promote tolerance and respect towards the often misunderstood religion of Islam.

MSA Chaplain: Dr. Sana Kirmani. 410-583-7016. skirmani@towson.edu.

MSA Advisor: Dr. Mubina Kirmani. 410-704-2544. mkirmani@towson.edu.

MSA President: Ahson Rehman. 410-852-4350. arehma1@students.towson.edu.

MSA general email: msa.towson@gmail.com.