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Scholarships, Competitions, and Awards Fall 2014

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The following scholarships are being offered this semester. If you wish to apply, click the application. You can either print the application and then type in the requested information or simply fill out the form within Acrobat then print it.

Procedures for Department of Music Scholarship Applications

For Students:

  • You will find a common application cover sheet on the Department’s scholarship web page:
  • Every scholarship for which you apply will need to have this form attached as a cover sheet. 
  • You can fill this information out once and save it then go back and adjust the form fields as needed for specific scholarship information.  We hope this will save you time.
  • Each scholarship has its own application form as well, with information specific to that scholarship.
  • All scholarships require submission of an unofficial transcript.
  • All competition recitals require submission of print-ready program information (including translations for singers).  Your applied teacher must approve the print-ready recital program information before you submit your competition application.  Make sure you proof your information carefully.
  • Remember that competitions require published scores.  Plan ahead to make sure you have these well before the competition day.
  • If you need help writing your supportive statement(s) please see a member of the scholarship committee or talk to a faculty member who can assist.
  • Remember:  you are presenting yourself in the best way possible.  Promote yourself and your accomplishments as a performer, scholar, or future educator.  Discuss your financial situation where appropriate. 

  For Faculty: 

  • Please submit letters of recommendation that mention the specific scholarship by name.  This is especially important for scholarships that are decided upon outside of the Department.  It is fine to use the same letter (or nearly so) for different scholarships, but tailoring the letter to a specific scholarship helps your recommended student in the end. 
  • Please try, whenever possible, to give your recommendations to the student so that they can submit all of their materials together. 

 Application Cover Sheet: 


Fall 2014 Scholarships


Peggy Friedmann-Gordon Music Competition


Award: $2000

  • $1000 for 1st Place; $650 for 2nd Place; $350 for 3rd Place


  • Undergraduate major in music
  • Currently enrolled in lessons
  • Sponsored by an applied faculty member
  • Good academic standing at the time of audition
  • Any previous first-place winners of the Friedmann-Gordon or the Lieberman competitions may not again enter the competition in which they have won first place

Application Deadline:           10/10/14

Competition Date:                 10/24/14                    10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Recital Date:                           11/4/14                      11:00 AM    Harold J. Kaplan Concert Hall


Application: Application & Information



Henry Sanborn Music Scholarship


Award: $2127

  • Divided between Voice and Piano areas
  • One annual award given to a Voice student, and one annual award given to a Piano student


  • Undergraduate major in music studying Voice or Piano




Application Deadline:             10/2/14

Preliminary Audition:             10/9/14                     11:00 AM

Final Audition:                        10/16/14                    11:00 AM

Recital Date:                          10/28/14                      7:30 PM

Application: Application & Information




Application Deadline:               10/9/14

Audition Date:                          10/16/14

Recital Date:                            10/28/14                  7:30 PM Application


Application: Application & Information [Henry Sanborn Scholarship and Information Fall 2014]



C. James Velie Memorial Scholarship



  • Music Education major
  • Full-time sophomore, junior, or senior
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

Additional Requirements:

  • Application submission to the chairperson of the C. James Velie Scholarship Committee
  • Recommendations from two faculty members in the area of music
  • Audition before the C. James Velie Scholarship Committee
  • Interview with the C. James Velie Scholarship Committee


Application Deadline:            10/24/14

Competition Date:                   11/6/14                                    3:30 PM – 6:30 PM


Application: Application & Information



Sylvia and Irving H. Cohen Scholarship


Award: $637



  • Full-time Music major
  • Undergraduate
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Former Music Preparatory Division student (now called The Maryland Performing Arts Institute) for at least two years prior to attending Towson University’s Department of Music
  • Preference will be given to entering freshmen or transfer students
  • Preference will be given to a student who studies an instrument taught by a university instructor who also teaches for the Maryland Performing Arts Institute (formerly the Music Preparatory Division)

Additional Information: 

  • Students may self-nominate. 

Application Deadline:           10/24/14

Application: Application to Dr. Arian Khaefi, Department of Music



John H. Kelbaugh Scholarship


Award: $645



  • Music major
  • Current sophomore, junior, or senior
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Awards are to be based on merit and/or need to. Awards may be made to the same student in succeeding years if the selection committee so decides.

Additional Requirements:

  • Provide an application statement

Additional Information:

  • Students may self-nominate

Application Deadline:           10/24/14

Application to Dr. Arian Khaefi, Department of Music


Mary Pat Hughes Scholarship


Award: $1039



  • Music major
  • Minimum of junior class standing, in order for the scholarship to be applied for the recipient’s senior year
  • Minimum 2.50 GPA
  • Outstanding musician who displays versatility within different dimensions of music performance

Aditional Requirements:

  • Provide an Application statement. 

Additional Information:

  • Students may self-nominate

Application Deadline:           10/24/14

 Application to Dr. Arian Khaefi, Department of Music



Dunbar Scholarship

Award $2437


  • Music Majors
  • Full-time undergraduate
  • students seeking their second Bachelor’s Degree are also eligible
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Non-traditional age (21+ years)

Application Deadline:           10/24/14

Competition Date:                 11/10/14                                    3:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Application:  Application to Dr. Arian Khaefi, Department of Music


Department of Music
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Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Fall 2013

Scholarship Recipients



John H. Kelbaugh Scholarship


Scott D. Winter (B.M. piano performance)- $646.00 award


Mary Pat Hughes Scholarship

Meghan McGinty (B.M. Voice Performance) - $1027.00 award


C. James Velie Scholarship

Lindsay Spiegel (BS. Music Ed / Vocal-General/piano) - $750.00 award


James L. Dunbar, Jr. Scholarship

1st prize -  LaShelle Bray, Award of $1200
2nd prize - Chistina Senita, Award of $500
3rd prize - Heather Whelan, Award of $337


C. May Diekmann Scholarship

Megan Weeks - Clarinet

Colin Walter - Bassoon

Emily Sessa - Flute

Sondra Boyle - Oboe

Cynthia Ford - Flute

Jennifer Wegman - Clarinet

Mark Doctor – Saxophone


Kenton Jazz Scholarship

Chris Young (B.M. Jazz/Commercial Performance) - $640.00


Henry Sanborn Music Scholarship

Ashley Larkin – Voice - $1500.00

Sondra Boyle – Piano - $1500.00


Cecylia Barczyk Cello Scholarship Fund

Michael Diener - $314

Megan Beichler - $100


Ben O’Brien Music and Arts Scholarship  (Music Education)

Ashley Ashman-$792

Amanda McNutt-$792

David Wagner-$792


Peggy Friedmann Gordon Music Competition

Matthew Dupree, percussion – 1st prize $1000.00

Ashley Larkin, soprano – 2nd prize - $650.00

Jesse Washburn, guitar – 3rd prize - $350.00








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