College of Fine Arts and Communication

Department of Music

Bachelor of Science in Music

Degree Requirements

Total minimum units to complete the major in Music – Bachelor of Science degree are 120.

Music Requirements (32 units)

MUSC 131 Theory I (2)
MUSC 132 Theory II (2)
MUSC 133 Musicianship I (2)
MUSC 134 Musicianship II (2)
MUSC 201 Music in the US: Analytic Emphasis (3)
MUSC 231 Theory III (2)
MUSC 232 Theory IV (2)
MUSC 233 Musicianship III (2)
MUSC 301 Western Music to 1750 (3)
MUSC 302 Western Music from 1750–1914 (3)
  One course in American or World Music selected from the following (3 units):
MUSC 421 Music in the U.S. (3)
MUSC 426 Jazz History (3)
MUSC 471 Special Topics in World Music (3)
MUSC xxx Two upper-division MUSC courses (excluding other American/World Music courses, MUSC 493, and MUSC 497) (6 units)   


Applied and Music Elective Requirements (17 units)

MUSA xxx Private Lessons (6)
MUSA xxx Ensembles (4 units over 4 terms)
MUSA 190 Piano Class I (1)


MUSC (may not duplicate a course applied toward Core Curriculum Requirements), MUSA (ensembles only), or MUED electives (3 units) MUSC or MUSA Capstone Experience (3 units)

Total Music Units: 49

Core Curriculum Requirements (38–40 units) and free electives (no MUSC, MUED or MUSA courses) (30 units)

Combined—68–70 units minimum.

Additional Degree Requirements Information

The Department of Music strongly recommends the completion of the intermediate level of a foreign language. Students are encouraged to pursue a minor in a related or complementary field of study. All students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Music must take one course in one of the arts outside of music (visual arts, theater, or dance) either within their Core Curriculum units or within their 30 elective units. Students must also undertake one of the following 3-unit capstone experiences demonstrating mastery of some area of their study. Selection of this capstone experience and approval by appropriate faculty must be completed by the end of the junior year. Students must have completed all required courses through the 300 level before enrolling in the capstone experience.

Music Performance and Senior Recital
Students who choose music performance as their principal area of competency must complete at least 2 units of applied music at the upper-division level and complete the 1-unit course MUSA 497 (Senior Recital for Bachelor of Science in Music Degree). (Students must be enrolled for applied lessons concurrently with Senior Recital.) Approval of the recital option must be granted by the faculty jury at the time of the upper-division jury.

Senior Thesis/Project
Students may choose to write a senior thesis or complete another approved research project under the direction of a faculty adviser. In order to be approved for a Senior Thesis/Project, a student must have passed MUSC 302 Western Music from 1750–1914 with the grade of B or better. The proposal for the project must be approved by the department chair who will assign appropriate faculty advisers by the end of the second term of the junior year. The completed project must be juried by at least two faculty members. These candidates must successfully complete MUSC 495 Senior Thesis/Project for the Bachelor of Science in Music Degree.

Music Internship
Students who pursue training in a cognate area such as music business, arts administration, or some other appropriate professional field must demonstrate competence in that field through the successful completion of MUSC 497 Internship in Music. Students must have a 2.75 general GPA and a 2.50 in Music courses to enroll in MUSC 497 Internship in Music. Internships must be approved by the department internship coordinator and the Career Center internship coordinator by the end of the junior year.

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