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The Intensive Term with Field Experience and Student Internship in Music Education take place during the last full year of study for the Music Education degree (Fall and following Spring term). Some degree requirements may be completed after the Spring term. However, the Student Internship must be completed the Spring term immediately following the Fall Intensive Term with Field Experience to graduate from a Maryland Approved Teacher Education Program.

Intensive Term with Field Experience

The Intensive Term with Field Experience is completed during the 7th term of study. Full admission to the Music Education Program is a pre-requisite for enrolling.  Students carry out the Music Education Program Interview during spring of Junior year, prior to the Intensive Term. The Intensive Term provides partial fulfillment of the requirements for field experiences, essential for approved program status granted by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). To retain this designation, a student must have a minimum of 100 full days of field experiences in local P-12 schools two full days a week, Wednesdays and Fridays. No exceptions are made for the field experiences and course work requirements. Satisfactory completion of all aspects of this term is required for enrollment in the following Student Internship term.


Student Internship in Music Education

This is the capstone experience of the BS in Music Education Degree. To enroll during the 8th term, a student must have completed and successfully met all requirements and expectations in the music education degree program. Successful completion of the internship contributes to a student graduating with licensure as a P-12 music educator in the Maryland Public Schools and other states with reciprocal agreements.



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