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The State of Maryland has different tax laws and definitions.  Maryland's general rule to determine residency. 

  • If you live in Maryland during the tax year and have income in Maryland, you file a Resident Tax Return.
  • If you live outside Maryland during the entire tax year and have Maryland income, you file a Nonresident Tax Return.
  • If you live in Maryland and another U. S. state during the same tax year, you file as a part-year resident for the time you lived in Maryland using Resident Individual Form. You also may need to complete a Nonresident Individual Form if you continue to receive Maryland income after moving out of the state.

Maryland does not recognize tax treaties. Nonresident aliens with treaty exemptions from federal taxes may be subject to state taxes.


You can file your state tax return electronically. iFile is the State of Maryland’s electronic filing system, which allows you to file your Maryland tax return for free online. For more information, see:


What Form Form Name When to File
(filing deadline)
What You Need
Form 502 Maryland Tax Return
(Resident Individual)

April 15th

Completed Federal
Tax Return
Form W-2*
Form 1042-S
Form 1099

*Remember that Box 16 – State Wages includes both earned income and taxable scholarship amounts.

Form 503 Maryland Tax Return Short Form
(Resident Individual)
Form 505 Maryland Tax Return
(Nonresident Individual)


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