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Do I need to File a 2012 Tax Return?

No - If you earned less than $3,800 and no federal taxes (Box 2 is blank on W2 form) were withheld!

Yes - If you:

  • Earned less than $3,800 BUT federal taxes were withheld (there is an amount in Box 2 on W2 form);
  • Earned more than $3,800 in 2012.

Do I need to File Form 8843?

  • If you are in F1/F2 or J1/J2 Student status and have been in the US for five years or less, then you should complete and mail Form 8843 by June 15, 2013.

Will I Receive a 1042-S?

  • You can determine if you need to wait for a 1042-S to file your tax return by looking at your W2 Form.  If there is no amount in Box 1 & 2 on the W2 - but there is an amount in either or both Box 16 & 17 - this means a 1042-S will be sent to you by mid-March. 
  • This typically applies to payments for taxable non-qualified scholarships (Athletics, Graduate Student Travel Award).
  • You need to have both a W2 and 1042-S to file your tax return - you do not file separate tax returns with each form.

Why Should I File a Tax Return?

  • It is each foreign national’s responsibility to file appropriate U.S. federal and state tax forms each tax year.

  • Failure to file a federal tax return could jeopardize chances of obtaining approval for future visa or residency status changes.

  • If you have not filed a tax return for prior years, you may still do so. Include a letter explaining why you did not file.

  • For more information about federal tax filing obligations, see the IRS website at:

  • To help you file your federal tax return, the NRA Tax Office provides free of charge:

    GLACIERTaxPrepTM – A tax filing system exclusively for nonresident aliens. CINTAX generates all necessary tax filing forms for nonresident aliens who follow the easy step-by-step process.

  • For more information about state tax filing, see the State of Maryland’s Comptroller website:


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