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Is a secure web-accessed software database to determine your tax status. 

A record will be set up under your name and you will be asked to enter immigration and other information to determine your tax status.

Once the information is enter, Glacier analyzes the data to determine your tax residency status, tax treaty exemptions and tax withholding.  It also generates necessary IRS forms for your tax record, including:

  • Tax Summary Report
  • Tax treaty forms if applicable

Once you are entered in the system, the database tracks a person's tax residency status, immigration expiration and tax treaty limits.


Each user is assigned a unique password for access, which they receive via e-mail. The “From” address reads:

Any e-mail from is important and requires prompt attention.

Towson University Tax File

NRAs are responsible for working with the NRA Tax Office to ensure their individual tax file is current. In order to facilitate this process, the NRA Tax Office will contact NRAs for the following reasons:

Please note: It is Towson University’s policy to apply the maximum tax withholding rate for individuals who do not complete its process for determining tax residency status.


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