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The NRA Tax Office is required to collect copies of immigration documents in order to substantiate tax residency status and to maintain a tax file for each nonresident alien.

  • Passport and U.S. visa
  • I-94 arrival card
  • Applicable visa form: Form I-20, DS 2019, I-797, etc.

A complete tax file contains:

  • Tax Summary Report (GLACIER form)
  • Relevant tax withholding & tax treaty documents.
  • Copies of immigration documents.

Updating Record

NRAs are responsible for ensuring their GLACIER record contains current information. NRAs should update their GLACIER record for:

  • Change in TIN (e.g., obtaining a Social Security Number)
  • Immigration status changes (e.g., receiving permanent resident status)
  • Change in departure date (e.g., extending studies in U.S.)
  • Address change
  • Telephone & e-mail address change
  • Change in payment relationship (e.g., beginning to work at Towson University)

Change in Tax File Status

The NRA Tax Office will contact NRAs via e-mail from GLACIER in the following instances:

  • Missing TIN
  • Residency Status Change
  • Immigration Status Expiration
  • Tax Treaty Renewal
  • FICA Exemption Change
  • Incomplete Tax File


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