College of Health Professions

Department of Nursing

Nursing Basic Program

Degree Requirements

The university requires a minimum of 120 units for graduation. However, established departmental requirements must also be completed for graduation with a nursing major. This may necessitate in completion of more than 120 units for most students enrolled in the department.

Requirements for the Major

In addition to Core Requirements or General Education (GenEd) requirements, nursing majors must complete the following prerequisites prior to beginning major course work. Several of these courses can also meet Core/GenEd requirements. (*Core/GenEd)

*BIOL 190    Introductory Biology for the Health Professions (4)

BIOL 221      Human Anatomy and Physiology I (3) and BIOL 221L (1)

BIOL 222      Human Anatomy and Physiology II (3) and BIOL 222L (1)

BIOL 215      Essentials of Microbiology (4) or BIOL 315 Medical Microbiology (4)

*CHEM 121  Allied Health Chemistry I Lecture (3) and CHEM 121L Allied Health Chemistry I Lab (1)

*ENGL 102   Writing for a Liberal Education (3)

HLTH 331     Nutrition for Health Professionals (3)

*MATH 115   Basic Mathematics for the Sciences (3)

*PSYC 101   Introduction to Psychology (3)

PSYC 203     Human Development (3)

*SOCI 101    Introduction to Sociology (3)

Required Course Sequence for the Nursing Major

Once admitted to the nursing major, the following nursing courses  must be completed in a sequential pattern, because each course is a foundation for the subsequent course.

NURS 332    Professional Nursing I: Introduction to Nursing (3)
NURS 340    Pathopharmacology (5)
NURS 347    Health Assessment Across the Life Span (3)
NURS 356    Nursing & Healthcare I: Foundations (3)
NURS 356C Nursing & Healthcare I: Foundations Clinical (2)
*NURS 333    Professional Nursing II: Issues (Core 9) (3)
NURS 358    Nursing & Healthcare III: Mental Health (3)
NURS 358C Nursing & Healthcare III: Mental Health Clinical (2)
NURS 360    Nursing & Healthcare II: Adult Health and Illness (3)
NURS 360C Nursing & Healthcare II: Adult Health and Illness Clinical (2)
*NURS 416    Cultural Diversity in Health Care (Core 13) (3)
NURS 435    Professional Nursing III: Research in Nursing (3)
NURS 460    Nursing & Healthcare IV: Older Adults (2)
NURS 472    Nursing & Healthcare V: Family Health (3)
NURS 472C Nursing & Healthcare V: Family Health Clinical (2)
NURS 474    Nursing & Healthcare VI: Child Health (3)
NURS 474C Nursing & Healthcare VI: Child Health Clinical (2)
NURS 476    Nursing & Healthcare VIII: Community Health (3)
NURS 476C Nursing & Healthcare VIII: Community Health Clinical (2)
NURS 480    Nursing & Healthcare VII: Adult Health & Complex Illness (3)
NURS 484    Nursing Leadership and Management (3)
NURS 485    Clinical Practicum (3)



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