College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

II. Combined BS/MS Degree Program Information

C. Academic Standards

Undergraduate Requirements and Credits

In addition to the General Education or Core Curriculum requirements, Occupational Therapy majors must complete 44 units in occupational therapy courses, 24- 25 units in other required courses, and 27 units in clinical and fieldwork courses at the undergraduate level. Additional elective credits may be required to earn the total of 120 credits necessary for completion of undergraduate degree requirements. A total of 36 units in occupational therapy courses and approved electives are required at the graduate level. Courses applicable toward the major may not be taken under the pass/fail grading option.

Academic Standing

During the undergraduate portion of the program, students must maintain a cumulative quality point average of at least 2.75 following admission into the Occupational Therapy major. If the GPA falls below 2.75, the student will receive a letter of warning that the GPA needs to be restored within 12 units or one academic year, whichever comes first. A student who does not restore the GPA to 2.75 as required will be dismissed from the program.

By the end of the term preceding OCTH 435/436, Level II Fieldwork, students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and must consistently demonstrate appropriate professional behaviors and necessary competencies to be permitted to enroll in these fieldwork courses.

A grade equivalent below 2.00 in any course required for the major will not be included in consideration of fulfillment of graduation requirements. A student receiving a grade equivalent below 2.0 in a major course or a U in OCTH 435/436 may retake the course once to improve his or her standing.

Students may repeat no more than 2 courses required for the undergraduate portion of the Combined BS/MS Program in Occupational Therapy. This includes required courses in other departments (e.g., Anatomy and Physiology I or II).

Other Degree Requirements

All students must complete the Occupational Therapy Knowledge Exam (OTKE) as a
degree requirement.

All Level II Fieldwork must be completed within 24 months of completion of academic course preparation.

Documentation of health status, insurance, screenings and training is required upon admission to the major and throughout the program, in accordance with department policies. (The full list of health requirements is listed in the general operation and fieldwork sections of the Student Handbook.)

Undergraduate Grading Policies

Grades are given according to the guidelines set forth by the instructor for each individual assignment and are stated on each course syllabus.

Letter grades for undergraduate courses represent the following quality points per credit hour as specified in the Towson University Undergraduate Catalog:

A 4.00 C+ 2.33
A- 3.67 C 2.00
B+ 3.33 D+ 1.33
B 3.0 D 1.00
B- 2.67 F 0.00



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