College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

II. Combined BS/MS Degree Program Information

D. Advancement from Undergraduate to Graduate Studies

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review is done in preparation for advancement to graduate status in the Combined BS/MS program. This is an opportunity for the student to review past learning, identify clinical and academic strengths and needs, and develop a plan for continued professional development consistent with the standards of the graduate school and the profession.

The portfolio includes the following documents: level I Fieldwork Evaluation forms, Professional Development forms received and reviewed throughout the program to date, evidence of application to Graduate School, Degree Progress Report (includes the student transcript and record of general education requirements) and a Reflection Paper. This paper should summarize professional behaviors and growth since entering the undergraduate portion of the program, evidence of clinical reasoning skills, summary of skills learned, and goals for the graduate portion of the student’s program.

These documents must be compiled during the semester preceeding enrollment in Level II Fieldwork (OCTH 435/436), with the specific due date to be arranged by the students’ adviser(s). The adviser(s) will review the portfolio, and ensure that it meets expectations prior to student advancement to graduate status. The adviser is also responsible for notifying the student if any undergraduate requirements for a bachelor’s degree have not been achieved to date. Any student who is unable to successfully complete the portfolio will be referred to the Combined BS/MS Program Director to resolve the problem.

Graduate Requirements and Credits

Combined BS/MS Program students will be advanced to graduate status after they have completed Level II Fieldwork experiences and all undergraduate degree requirements successfully. Students will be notified by the Graduate School when they have been advanced, and will then be able to enroll in graduate level classes that are used to fulfill the degree requirements of the MS portion of the Combined Degree.

After advancement to graduate students, students must complete 36 units of graduate course work, which includes 12 units in graduate electives. Occupational Therapy Combined BS/MS students must meet all department and Graduate School standards and policies, in accordance with current Towson University Catalogs.

Graduate Grading Policy

Letter grades for the graduate courses represent the following quality points per credit hour as specified in the Towson University Undergraduate Catalog:

A 4.00 B 3.00
A- 3.67 C 2.00
B+ 3.33 F 0.00




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