College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

II. Combined BS/MS Degree Program Information

 A. Plan of Study     

BIOL 190 Introductory Biology for Health Professions
ENGL 102 English Composition
PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology
SOCI 101Introductory Sociology
Screening Deadline
March 1
Fall Semester 1
OCTH 217 Analysis of Occupational Performance I
OCTH 211 Philosophy of Occupational Therapy
OCTH 216 Life Span Adaptation and Occupations
BIOL 213 Anatomy & Physiology I
Spring Semester 1
OCTH 218 Analysis of Occupational Performance II
OCTH 213 Small Group Dynamics
PSYC 361 Abnormal Psychology
BIOL 427 Neuromuscular Mechanisms of Upper Body
BIOL 214 Anatomy & Physiology II
Fall Semester 2
OCTH 221 Clinical Kinesiology
OCTH 314 Psychosocial Occupational Therapy Practice
OCTH 320 Psychosocial Function Level I Fieldwork
PHYS 202 General Physics for Health Sciences
MATH 231 Basic Statistics
Spring Semester 2
OCTH 313 Adult Neurological Occupational Therapy
OCTH 317 Adult Musculoskeletal Occupational Therapy
OCTH 319 Physical Dysfunction Level I Fieldwork
OCTH 323 Gerontological Occupational Therapy
HLTH 207 Health Care in the U.S.
Fall Semester 3
OCTH 325 O.T. Practice with Children and Youth
OCTH 326 Children and Youth Level I Fieldwork
OCTH 428 O.T. Organizations in Modern Society
OCTH 430 Research Methods in Occupational Therapy
Portfolio Review
Spring Semester 3
OCTH 435 Physical Rehabilitation Level II Fieldwork
OCTH 436 Psychosocial Level II Fieldwork
*Advancement to Graduate Status
OCTH 610 Data Analysis in Occupation-Based Research and Evidence-Based Practice
OCTH 611 Advanced Theory and Philosophy
Fall Semester 4
OCTH 612 O.T. Health Promotion in
Community (Clinical)
OCTH 613 Advanced Research Methods
OCTH 678 Assessment Through the Lifespan
Graduate Elective
Graduate Elective
Spring Semester 4
OCTH 603 Issues in Occupational Therapy.
OCTH 781 Graduate Seminar
Graduate Elective
Graduate Elective
OCTH 880 Graduate Project
Note: An Accelerated Option for the graduate portion of the program is available as follows:
• OCTH 781 moves into Minimester
• OCTH 880 moves into Spring Semester 4
* Advancement to Graduate Status is contingent upon evidence of successful completion of at least one of the following: OCTH435/436 Level II internship




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