College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

IV. Department Information: General Operation

F. Communication

Bulletin Boards
A number of bulletin boards are located in and around the Occupational Therapy office and classrooms. The bulletin board located nearest to the Occupational Therapy office contains general information, messages from faculty to students and messages from students to students. This is frequently used as a means for general communication. Students should check this board often for messages. These boards are maintained by an occupational therapy graduate assistant The following are types of information listed on the other bulletin boards: professional employment opportunities, student employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities, scholarships and stipends, TU news, Student Occupational Therapy Association news, Maryland Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA)/American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) news, faculty news, current trends in occupational therapy, continuing education, semester cohort schedules and plan of study, time and location of classes.

Office Hours
The main office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. All faculty members have regularly scheduled office hours which are posted on their office doors and on their syllabi. Full-time faculty members usually have at least three office hours per week. Part-time faculty members have at least one office hour per week. Faculty may be available for additional meetings by appointment. Students are encouraged to meet with faculty during these office hours.

Faculty Contact Information
Students can contact faculty members via emails and phone numbers. Faculty post their email addresses and phone numbers on their syllabi. Students can access their course instructors through the course Blackboard site. Students also can locate the email addresses and phone numbers of all faculty and staff from the Towson University directory at Email is to be used only for information that is not confidential.

The Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science publishes an electronic newsletter each semester that features student, faculty, and alumni accomplishments and departmental activities. Students are encouraged to submit articles for publication in this newsletter

Town Meetings
Town Meetings are held periodically throughout each semester for each student cohort. Specific meeting times are scheduled in accordance with the students’ academic schedules.
Student attendance at Town Meetings is mandatory. Prior to attending the Town Meetings, students are to complete and submit a questionnaire to allow them to place items for discussion on the agenda. Town Meetings are used to disseminate and discuss important information related to the profession, university, college, department, or community. Town Meetings also are used to prepare students for Level II fieldwork.

Department consent is required for admission to all occupational therapy major courses.




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