College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

IV. Department Information: General Operation

B. General Safety Information

1. Standard / Universal precautions are to be observed at all times. Use the Towson University Emergency Resources Guide (v 2.0) to determine course of action in an emergency.

2. In the event of a medical emergency, keep calm, act immediately. Activate the Emergency Medical System by calling 911, then call the University Police (x42133).

3. Evacuation Routes
During fire drills and emergency evacuation, the followings routes should be followed:

*ES 102-108 – Exit via the closest doors and gather on the patio outside the building on the Osler Drive side (unless directed otherwise)

*ES 112-117 and 2nd & 3rd floor offices – Exit via the closest doors and gather outside on the walkway in front of Tubman Hall.

*Once the instructor has led the class to a safe spot, each instructor will send a representative to report to department chair or his/her designee, who will be on the walkway outside Tubman Hall, or at the directed gathering place.

4. No classes or activities may take place in the building unless a faculty member is either present or designated as assuming responsibility and is in the building.

5. First aid kits located in Rooms ES 115, ES 116, and ES 117 are stocked with basic supplies listed in the kit. Report needed supplies to the Administrative Assistant.

6. CPR masks are attached to the teaching station in every classroom.

7. All flammable products and other hazardous materials must be stored and locked in the yellow Flammable Storage Cabinet in ES 115.

8. Only water-based paints and finishes are to be used for classroom activities.

9. Safety goggles, ear plugs, and gloves are available in ES 115 for activities requiring protection.

10. Sharps Disposal Containers are located in ES 108, ES 115, ES 116, and ES 117.

11. Faculty teaching OCTH 217, OCTH 218, and OCTH 600 must attend a Right to Know training session.

12. Posters summarizing the hazardous waste disposal policy shall remain posted in ES Rooms 115 and 116.

13. Escort Service is available for any faculty member or student by calling 47233 or 410-704-SAFE.

updates 1/10/11

Department consent is required for admission to all occupational therapy major courses.




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