College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

V. Department Information: Didactic Coursework

B. Attendance Policies

Participation in lectures, group work, presentations, and in-class lab experiences are integral to a course. Regular class attendance is required to meet all course objectives. This policy is in accordance with University policies regarding attendance to classes (Towson University Undergraduate Catalog; Towson University Graduate Catalog).

Faculty will explicitly outline, in the course syllabus, an attendance policy for their course. This may include mandatory participation in certain activities and assignments. The impact to the student’s grade should any of the mandatory attendance and participation requirements not be met will be stated in the syllabus.

Should the student be absent from a significant portion of the course, the instructor will make the decision about whether the student can meet the learning objectives and course requirements in order to pass the course and communicate this to the student in a timely manner.

If a student expects a period of prolonged absence, he or she must submit a plan for completion of missed experiences including time frame for the approval of the faculty. This plan is to be submitted prior to the expected prolonged absence.

Absences from Practice Courses – The practice courses are offered in groups, one is a lecture/lab based course and the other is the Level I fieldwork course (e.g., OCTH 314 and OCTH 320). Students cannot take the clinical/fieldwork course without simultaneously being enrolled in the lecture/lab course. Students cannot take the clinical/fieldwork course without simultaneously being enrolled in the lecture/lab course. The lecture/lab course is critical for learning competency in the delivery of Occupational Therapy services. Because of this, any absences in one of these grouped courses can impact your ability to complete the other course.

Students are expected to adhere to all university attendance policies. Students who are absent from class are responsible for any missed work.

Absences due to illness, bereavement, or athletic events require documentation in order to be considered for an excused absence. Absences due to religious holidays are excused on the holiday date(s). Absences due to travel associated with observance of religious holidays are unexcused.

Department consent is required for admission to all occupational therapy major courses.




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