College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

V. Department Information: Didactic Coursework

E. Final Exam Preparation

Students are to:
1. Adhere to the schedule times and dates for all final exams.
2. Abide by the Towson University Student Academic Integrity Policy and uphold the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards (2010) when preparing for and completing exams.
3. Be available for the entire exam period because they are required to complete all final exams on the date and time scheduled or re-scheduled due to weather, faculty illness, or other circumstance.
4. Remain in the room until they complete all aspects of the exam.

Preparation Guidelines

It is recommended that students develop an exam preparation plan in order to maximize their success on final exams. Taking the time to develop these habits and routines can prove helpful for NBCOT Certification Exam preparation. Examples of occupational therapy influenced strategies for this plan include:

1. Developing a study calendar at least 2 weeks in advance of the exam period that designates study time for each course

2. Allocating time for sleep, rest, and exercise as this has been shown to enhance performance

3. Reducing work hours if at all possible

4. Eating healthy foods

5. Being courteous to fellow students by arriving on time, maintaining quiet in the hallways and adjoining classrooms, and observing “Do Not Disturb” test signs before and after the exam.

6. Reviewing Department Exam Process (see attached) designed to maximize students’ comfort and the integrity of the exam process.

Department Exam Process

Faculty are requested to use the following procedures during exams:

1. Arrange and check testing environment for comfort and academic integrity. If room is too hot or cold, call office ASAP.

2. Open classrooms only for exams that you are proctoring.

3. Use and encourage observation of “Do Not Disturb” signs that are available either outside your classroom or in the office

4. Request students to turn off electronic devices and leave them with personal belongings in designated area

5. Have students take only permitted items to test seat (e.g., 2 pens, pencils, cough drops, water bottle without label, tissues) and position items on desk/table to avoid needing to seek items from pockets and disturbing the test environment

6. Understand that the Chairperson will be monitoring the hallways and bathrooms during the exam period

7. Use multiple forms of same test

8. Request additional proctor for large classes in cramped rooms

9. Periodically write time and time remaining on board

10. Walk the room (this occurs during NBCOT exam and we need to get students prepared for this type of testing environment.)

11. Announce or write on your exams that sharing test items with other students now or in the future is a violation of the Towson University’s Student Academic Integrity Policy

12. Wish your students good luck and keep the environment as quiet and comfortable as possible.

Department consent is required for admission to all occupational therapy major courses.




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