College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Student Handbook 2011-2012

V. Department Information: Didactic Coursework

A. Professional Development Assessment


The Department of Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science is committed to the process of assessing the development of professional skills and behaviors in occupational therapy students. The faculty believe that providing students with ongoing feedback about their professional behaviors and development promotes preparation for Level I and Level II fieldwork experiences. Thus, faculty will use the Professional Development Form in Level I courses to observe student behaviors and provide feedback regarding their areas of strength and areas of needed improvement. Faculty may use the Professional Development Form to provide students feedback for other courses in addition to Level I fieldwork courses.

Specifically, the students use feedback on the Professional Development Form to:

1. develop clinical and professional behaviors for their roles as occupational therapists.
2. engage in self-assessment of professional behaviors.
3. develop an understanding of the relationship between one's self perceptions and other's perceptions
4. link the academic setting, fieldwork setting, and work setting.
5. assist in planning sites for Level II fieldwork (and Level I fieldwork experience as appropriate).


1. Faculty/Fieldwork Educators complete the form based on observation of student behaviors.
2. Faculty also may request students to complete the form as part of a process for facilitating self-assessment.
3. Student reviews the feedback either through reading the comments on the form or through formally meeting with the faculty member.
4. This information will be kept in the student's advising file.
5. Behaviors and skills will be shared with the fieldwork educator at the fieldwork site when the student's advisor and the academic fieldwork coordinator believe that this information is necessary in order to plan an appropriate fieldwork experience for the student.

Professional Development Assessment Form (pdf)

Department consent is required for admission to all occupational therapy major courses.




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