College of Health Professions

Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

Combined Master's/Doctoral Program in Occupational Therapy/Occupational Science

Master's Degree Requirements

The Master’s degree component consists of a total of 36 units of required and elective courses, with or without a thesis.

Required courses (21 – 24 units)

OCTH 603              Issues in Occupational Therapy (3) 

OCTH 611              Advanced Theory and Philosophy of Occupation (3) 

PSYC 687               Advanced Experimental Design I (3) 

OCTH 613              Advanced Research Methods in Occupation Based Practice (3)

OCTH 678              Assessment Through the Life Span (3)

OCTH 781              Graduate Seminar in Occupational Therapy (3) 

OCTH 880              Graduate Project in Occupational Therapy (3)


OCTH 897/898     Graduate Thesis (6)

Occupational Therapy Required Electives (6-9 units) 

Additional Required Electives (6-9 units)

Students who complete the project option will have 15 units of electives; those students who complete the thesis option will have 12 units of electives.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The doctoral degree component consists of an additional 54 units of required and elective courses.

Required courses (36 units)

IDHP 741              Ethical and Legal Issues in Clinical Practice (3) 

OCTH 604            Academic and Clinical Education (3) 

OSC 742               Origins and Evolution of Occupational Science (3) 

OSC 744               Occupation and Human Life (3) 

OSC 746               Occupations and Quality of Life in Communities and Systems (3)

 8xxx                       Quantitative Research (3) 

OSC 890               Qualitative Research: Occupation and Life Narrative (3)

OSC 895              Applied Project: Everyday Life and Dimensions of Occupation (3)

OSC 997              Dissertation Research (minimum 12)

Additional Required Electives (minimum of 18 units)

To complete their electives, students choose either one of the following tracks

Students work with their advisors to choose their electives and devise a plan of study that focuses on the Science of Human Occupation or the Occupation in Practice track.


  • Students must complete a minimum of two electives at the 700 level. 

  • Students must complete an additional quantitative course and an additional education course as part of their electives.


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