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The Journal of Philosophical Ideas

Electronic versions of the 2008 journal may be downloaded here, and the 2009 journal here.

*** Spring 2010 "Journal of Philosophical Ideas" Submission Guidelines ***

Submission Deadlines:
Submitters must send their submissions in by 7:00 pm on November 19th, 2010 to
Submitter Requirements:
Submitters must be an undergraduate student currently enrolled at Towson University, as of Spring 2010.  Students may be from any department or major. 
Submission Requirements:
Submissions should be, ideally, between 12-18 pages in length (double spaced).  Shorter and longer submissions are also welcome, however submissions do not fall within this guideline must be approved by the Publishing Chair before their submission will be reviewed. 
Submitters are to choose 1 work to enter.  If a submitter wishes to submit 2 works, then they must adhere to the following:
1.      They must be of completely different topics
2.      No student may ever submit more than 2 works
3.      If both works are accepted by the blind review panel only 1 will be published based on a decision between the submitter and the Publishing Chair
Paper Topics:
All submitted works must deal primarily with a topic of philosophy or of religious study.  These topics may be but are not limited to an examination or argument within or about a particular study, philosophers, works in either field, or a submitters own ideas in philosophy or religion.  Submitters are allowed and encouraged to use papers from their philosophy or religious studies courses.  The submission must not have been previously published in either the Journal of Philosophical Ideas or in any other widely published journal.
Paper Styles:
Submissions may either be in the form of a formal paper or philosophical fiction. Philosophical fiction may be in the form of a short story, dialogue, play, poem, etc. In all cases of philosophical fiction the focus must primarily pertain to philosophical or religious topics.  Please remember this is a philosophy journal, not a literary journal.
Paper Format:
Papers must be of either MLA or APA format and submitted as a word document file through email to jasuss88@gmail.com.
Blind Submission Review:
The Reviewing Committee (see below) will take part in a blind submission process.  All members of the Reviewing Committee must read all submissions and vote either for or against each submission.  Each reviewer must also include notes/reasons for each decision.  The reviewer must finally rank all the submissions in order from most acceptable to least acceptable.  All of the reviewerís votes, notes, etc. must be sent to the Publishing Chair.  The votes, notes, etc. of each reviewer and his or her identity will NEVER be disclosed to anyone else unless the reviewer requests it. 
Publishing Chair:
The Philosophy Forum shall appoint a Publishing Chair each year.  The Publishing Chairís responsibilities include organizing the process of the journal and ensuring its publication.  The Publishing Chair shall appoint an Editor-in-Chief, an Editorial Board, and a Reviewing Committee to help in the process of publishing the journal.
The Publishing Chair may appoint him or herself to the position of Editor-in-Chief or any member of the Philosophy Forum that has shown strong editorial skills and commitment to the journal.  The Editor-in-Chief has final say on the editing process of the journal and is responsible for collaborating with the Editorial Board to get the journal formatted and edited correctly. This position may be held and overlap with the duties of the publishing chair.
Editorial Board:
The Publishing Chair in collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief must come up with an Editorial Board to help in the editing and formatting process of the journal.  There are no requirements for the number of editors in the board but a guideline shall be set as between 2 and 3 editors including the Editor-in-Chief.
Reviewing Committee:
Any member of the Philosophy Forum or faculty member may request to take part in the Reviewing Committee.  Reviewers may also have been submitters to the journal, and may be any of the journalís positions.  The Publishing Chair shall appoint this staff of reviewers based on requests.  The Reviewing Committee will take part in a blind submission process to vote on the journal submissions. (See above)

Please send any further questions or submissions to the Philosophy Forum Publishing Chair at jasuss88@gmail.com.

Free printed copies of the Spring 2009 journal are available in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies located at Liberal Arts 4125.