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If you are interested in an item check the box next to that item (or select the number needed for items lent in multiples). When you are done, please fill out a short form indicating who you are and when you need the equipment. Hit submit to generate a request to our librarian who will check availability and contact you with further details.

Biological Sciences
FOSS Diversity of Life Kit
FOSS New Plants Kit
FOSS Populations and Ecosystems Kit
FOSS Structures of Life Kit
SCIS 3+ Life Cycles Kit
STC Organisms Kit

Mister Thrifty Skeletons
Skeleton, Perch
Skeleton, Grass Frog
Skeleton, Bat
Skeleton, Rat
Skeleton, Poisonous Snake
Skeleton, Pigeon

Cameras for Microscopes
Blue Planet DVD
Earth and Space Sciences

FOSS Air and Weather Kit
FOSS Earth History Kit
FOSS Earth Materials Kit
FOSS Landforms Kit
FOSS Water Kit
FOSS Planetary Science Kit

FOSS Pebbles, Sand and Silt Kit
Sedimentary Rock Kits
Metamorphic Rock Kits
Igneous Rock Kits

Pangea Puzzle Kit
Planet Earth DVD
Desktop Globes
Physical Sciences

FOSS Force and Motion Kit
FOSS Levers and Pulleys Kit
FOSS Physics of Sound Kit

FOSS Chemical Interactions Kit
DSM Newton's Toy Box Kit
SCIS3+ Energy Sources Kit

Pasco GO cars

Scientific Reasoning
FOSS Ideas and Inventions FOSS Models and Designs FOSS Variables Kit
Engineering and Technology
Designing Windmills
Designing Water Filters
Designing Hand Pollinators
Designing Alarm Circuits
Designing Model Membranes
Designing Walls
Seeing Animal Sounds
FOSS Electronics
LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Base Sets
STC Magnets and Motors Kit
Dry Erase Boards 8X11
Dry Erase Boards 9X12
Dry Erase Boards 11X16
Dry Erase Boards 24X24
Wood Meter Sticks
Aluminum Meter Sticks
Boxes of 12 Timers
Megalens Magnifying Glasses
thermometers; red alcohol
thermometers; spirit

Set of 33 Child Safety Goggles
100 ml beakers
250 ml beakers
400 ml beakers
Test tubes 16x150mm
Elec. Balances; SPE6000
Elec. Balances SPE4001
Build Your Own Collection Kits
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