department of Political Science

Undergraduate Programs


The program of courses in political science aims to promote understanding of the nature of political relationships. The department offers a major and minor in political science.

The Bachelor of Science in political science is granted upon completion of the university requirements for the bachelor's degree and the requirements for the major. The Bachelor of Arts is granted when all the requirements for the bachelor's degree are met and the student demonstrates intermediate level proficiency in a foreign language.

The Department of Political Science offers a combined major with the Department of Economics, the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies, and with the Department of Geography and Environmental Planning. The combined major prepares students for advanced study and provides the foundation for careers in public administration, law, public relations, business and research, and urban and regional planning.


Interdisciplinary Programs

The department offers interdisciplinary programs in International Studies, Law and American Civilization and Metropolitan Studies.

The International Studies program is a multidisciplinary examination of international affairs. Students take courses in anthropology, business, economics, geography, history, modern languages, and political science. Students must complete two years of a modern foreign language. Students must also complete a practicum requirement through an internship or study abroad.

Law and American Civilization introduces students to the foundations of the American legal system through a multi-disciplinary curriculum. Students take courses in English, history, philosophy, and political science. Students must also complete an internship and a thesis requirement.

Metropolitan Studies examines the complex problems and issues associated with the modern city
and its surroundings. Students take courses in economics, geography, history, political science and sociology. Students must also complete an internship.





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